Oceans on Mars were due to asteroids

MarsAccording to NASA experts, four billion years ago, the ocean could on Mars is likely to occur after the attacks of the Red Planet with giant asteroids.

After this recess was filled with water, and the ocean, having existed for some time, vanished into the surrounding space because of the extremely tenuous Martian atmosphere.

The existence of an ancient ocean on Mars, scientists have assumed for a long time, but only now, after the start of in-depth study of the planet spacecraft were made scientifically sound assumptions about the nature of the appearance of a giant ocean, traces of which were found on its surface.

Astronomer Tim Parker closed the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA, while in Pasadena (Califon, USA), in the course of his lengthy speeches at the next, the 47th in a row, the Lunar and Planetary Conference, which opened earlier, March 22, 2016 in the city of Woodlands ( Texas, USA), presented the new hypothesis.

According to the scientific media publication New Scientist, researchers believe those four billion years ago, all the planets of the solar system intensively bombarded by asteroids and a comet, which could cause the formation of a giant cavity detected on the surface of the Red Planet. Due to the fact that the air environment of Mars was very sparse, ocean water relatively quickly disappeared into space.

However, more recently spacecraft ESA was discovered a giant cavity length of 220 kilometers, filled with ice and snow. She also formed as a result of a collision with an asteroid, claim to NASA.

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