A genome An unknown source of science

 source of scienceBased on the analysis of genetic information, scientists said that in the genome of human ancestors found traces of three inter specific crosses: with Neanderthals, denisovtsami, as well as another, yet unknown to science species.

According to Reuters, the findings were made?? on the basis of genetic analysis 1.5 thousand. Man. Three crossbreeding occurred with Neanderthals, an extinct denisovtsami and mysterious man. Signs of genetic ancestry denisovtsev – from 2 to 4% – were found among the inhabitants of the equatorial islands of Melanesia. Also Melanesians traces of genes of Neanderthals were discovered – about 2%.

Other people not originating from Africa, heritage Neanderthal were 1.5-4%. As for the Africans, they found no evidence of Neanderthal genes Denisovsky and as these two species have never been on the African continent.

According to the only available until the data is denisovtsev home to Siberia. Because of their genetic footprint was found far enough – up to Melanesia – the scientists suggest that denisovtsy could inhabit almost the entire Asian territory.

Also, according to the molecular anthropologist from Binghamton University Andrew Meriwether, in the human genome were detected signs of interbreeding with another view, to determine which scientists still find it difficult. Thus, according to the scientist, there were at least four species of hominid family.

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