The most mysterious ancient magical artifacts

ancient magical artifactsIt is known that in ancient times people believed in magic, it was just a part of their lives and helped to answer many questions with a lack of knowledge about the world. Not surprisingly, today, archaeologists found many artifacts related to ancient epochs and obviously used for magical purposes. However, their specific purpose is not always clear. Continue reading “The most mysterious ancient magical artifacts”

The power of the ancient Yellowstone volcano

Yellowstone volcanoThe Snake River Valley, over millions of years, it is estimated that there were 12 eruptions, about half as much as previously thought. However, they were probably more powerful than the colossal events that have occurred in Yellowstone.

We know that the last eruption of Yellowstone was a catastrophic event. But now we know that it was only part of a series of numerous super traces of which are in the form of burnt tracks left along the Snake River to the east from Oregon to Yellowstone – said the study’s lead author, volcanologist from the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester. Continue reading “The power of the ancient Yellowstone volcano”

The mouth of a dry river on Mars

Mars RiverAutomatic station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has made a picture of the fan on the side of the crater on Mars formed, according to geophysicists, once the existing water flows in the river mouth. This was reported on the website of NASA.

Picture taken January 23, 2016 with the help of the camera High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter station. Continue reading “The mouth of a dry river on Mars”

Oceans on Mars were due to asteroids

MarsAccording to NASA experts, four billion years ago, the ocean could on Mars is likely to occur after the attacks of the Red Planet with giant asteroids.

After this recess was filled with water, and the ocean, having existed for some time, vanished into the surrounding space because of the extremely tenuous Martian atmosphere. Continue reading “Oceans on Mars were due to asteroids”

World most mysterious disappearances in history

mysterious disappearances in history** Garigou Krikor

Garigou Born in Jerusalem December 20, 1947. In his student years, he migrated to the land of their ancestors in Yerevan, went to college and immersed in the study of ancient languages. And in 1972 he managed to get to France, where he stayed forever.

Krikor was a poet, but not memorable poems. Bohemia knew him as a fanatical collector: in addition to a huge number of paintings, he was the owner of one of the world’s largest collection of icons. For public Garigou was a generous patron of the arts (thanks to a huge state). And learned people thought he was a qualified art historian. In general, the audience loved it. Continue reading “World most mysterious disappearances in history”

2030 the world will come the Little Ice Age

Ice AgeLittle Ice Age, scientists have warned could occur on Earth. A new study found that between 2020 and 2030 solar cycles may neutralize each other, resulting in a phenomenon known as the Maunder Minimum.

New model of solar activity shows a violation of the 11-year periodicity. It describes the effects of the dynamo in two layers of the sun, one of which is closer to the surface, the other – in the convection zone deep.

According to the forecast made ​​by Professor Valentina Zharkova, to the third decade of this century, solar activity will decrease by 60 percent, resulting in a small ice age. The study results were presented at a meeting of astronomers in Llandudno in Wales. Continue reading “2030 the world will come the Little Ice Age”

The Sumerians and extraterrestrials

Sumerians The texts of the ancient Sumerians, there is evidence that the Sumerians had contact with aliens, who came to earth in the second half of the 4th millennium BC to Niebuhr planet. Judging by the descriptions, this planet has a highly elongated orbit, and once in 3600 years takes place in the solar system.

Archaeologists and linguists in the second half of the XX century made the discovery, which allow revising the history of the Earth and the ancient civilizations. Continue reading “The Sumerians and extraterrestrials”

A genome An unknown source of science

 source of scienceBased on the analysis of genetic information, scientists said that in the genome of human ancestors found traces of three inter specific crosses: with Neanderthals, denisovtsami, as well as another, yet unknown to science species.

According to Reuters, the findings were made?? on the basis of genetic analysis 1.5 thousand. Man. Three crossbreeding occurred with Neanderthals, an extinct denisovtsami and mysterious man. Signs of genetic ancestry denisovtsev – from 2 to 4% – were found among the inhabitants of the equatorial islands of Melanesia. Also Melanesians traces of genes of Neanderthals were discovered – about 2%. Continue reading “A genome An unknown source of science”

Search of gold the Americans decided to drill in the area of dangerous volcano

Search GoldIn the pursuit of profit the Americans decided to pull characteristic mustache and drill more than 60 wells for the exploration of gold and silver near Mount St. Helens. Volcanologist shocked, because this volcano is considered to be extremely dangerous and its last eruption in 1980 was considered the largest in US history.

Then the eruption killed more than 60 people, but the story is apparently learned nothing. Continue reading “Search of gold the Americans decided to drill in the area of dangerous volcano”

The solar wind will cause a geomagnetic storm on Earth

geomagnetic stormA large hole was formed in the atmosphere over the north pole of the Sun, it erupts from the solar wind into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a hole March 21st.

This type of atmospheric holes called coronal hole. Coronal holes are places where the sun’s magnetic field opens and allows the solar wind flow. In the above image of the solar wind plasma flow is shown by the white arrows. Continue reading “The solar wind will cause a geomagnetic storm on Earth”