When the aliens arrive, they colonize Earth

aliens arriveJill Tarter and Nathalie Cabrol, some of the leading scientists SETI project, explained why, in his view, the people of Earth have not yet been met by the aliens, and what can be fraught with contact with them in the future.

 If the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations will visit us, they, according to scientists, are so technologically superior to us that will be able to dictate the rules.

Name of the project SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, «search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It has existed since 1957, and today it is developing quite actively, although at the moment and not let get enough convincing evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Such evidence is supposed to can be a message from the brothers in mind. According to astrophysicists, the lack of information about such messages does not necessarily mean that the aliens do not exist or that they do not try to contact us – perhaps Terrans is simply not found a way to receive and decode their messages, writes Daily Mail.

However, if the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations will make a decision and find a way to visit the Earth in person, it is likely to lead to the fact that they take place on the planet events under control. Earthlings they are technically superior to a sufficient degree to achieve this without undue difficulties, scientists believe.

The researchers are inclined to think that the capture will not occur by force – most likely an alien civilization will be peace, otherwise it would destroy itself, possessing an incredibly advanced technology. This astrophysics consider themselves earthlings will be able to find extraterrestrial life in the foreseeable future, though, in all probability, it will not be reasonable green men, and only microorganisms.

By the way, not all researchers agree that extraterrestrial civilizations exist and are trying to get in touch with us. Recently, experts representing the Australian National University, expressed the view that life could have arisen on many planets in the universe, but in all likelihood, did not have time on it consolidate and progress to more complex forms before they die due to changes in temperature.

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