Tourists killed for the fun of a baby dolphin

baby dolphin

Tourists at the beach resort of in the Argentine , Buenos Aires out of the water young dolphin to take a picture of him and make him selfie. As a result, the animal died from dehydration. It is reported that a crowd of tourists squeezed and had a dolphin on the beach, as a trophy, and then left to die on the sand. Some people even went on to photograph the corpse of an animal, not realizing that he was dead.

Animal protection organizations Argentine Wildlife Foundation in Argentina expressed its concern about the incident. Representatives of the association said that the dead animals belonged to the Franciscan dolphin species.

    The Franciscan Like other dolphins, can not long remain without water – said conservationists. They have thick, oily skin, which allows you to not freeze in the sea, but they quickly dehydrate and die out of water.

Franciscan Dolphins are also known as dolphins from the La Plata River. They are found in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and belong to a vulnerable species. In the world there are about 30 thousand individuals of this species.

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