The oldest graves found in Europe

oldest gravesArchaeologists in Germany have discovered the bodies of children and one adult who was buried, oddly enough, standing. One of the oldest graves that have been found in Europe dates back to the 9th century BC. The most intriguing findings: skeleton of a 6-month-old baby and mysterious vertical burial of 20-year-old man.

A German cemetery refers to the Mesolithic period, when Europe was inhabited by hunter-gatherers. At a press conference in Berlin, archaeologists announced that nine skeletons were found on the top of the hill on the place of burial: 5 of them were children under the age of 6 years. And the researchers found strong evidence that more graves.

An archaeologist from the Department of Historic Preservation, which has spent recent excavations. This is not just a cluster of graves in an accident, but a place where the ancient people have decided to permanently leave the dead This is the first evidence of this cemetery in northern Europe or Scandinavia..  

The researchers argue that the remains of the baby – the earliest child’s skeleton ever found in Germany, and one of the oldest graves in Europe. Indeed, it is very rare to find an intact burial like this, because the baby bones are very small and fragile. From a preliminary analysis of DNA and things found in the grave, it becomes clear that found the upright man was a hunter-gatherer.

His death occurred at about the same time when the first farmers arrived in this part of Europe. Research graves could help scientists understand what happened, when hunter-gatherers faced a local, and how was the introduction of new technologies and lifestyles.

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