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The purchase of Alaska

AlaskaA check for 7.2 million dollars, the presentation for payment of the purchase of Alaska. The amount of the check is roughly equivalent to 119 million US dollars in 2014. Empire sold remote and underpopulated area of ​​2 cents per acre, that is nominally a half times less than was sold for 50 years before at the cost of another cent.

Napoleonic France in war and consistent confiscation of the French colonies, Britain much larger 2.1 million square kilometers and is quite historical development of the territory of Louisiana: only for the port of New Orleans America originally proposed $ 10 million in a weight of the dollar the beginning of the XIX century. But the land of Louisiana had to re-buy from their real owners – the Indians who lived on it. Read the rest of this entry »

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What do we know about the soul?

SoulMore recently, during the atheism, it was thought that such a thing does not exist. Years passed, and some researchers have concluded that the soul – is a kind of immaterial substance, which concluded the ability of a living being to think and feel. But with the end of the XX century in various countries around the world, experiments were conducted, through which we can conclude that the soul does not just exist, it has a number of physical features that resemble the properties of thermal radiation or electromagnetic field. And then, according to the law of conservation of energy, after the death of the physical body, it does not disappear completely, but only goes to another state.

How heavy astral body

Arguing about the soul (also called astral body), I would like to get an answer to one main and two side-issue. The main thing – does it exist at all? And if so, where is and where to move after the physical death of the body? Read the rest of this entry »

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The universe alive?

wprldYou have already met with this analogy: the atoms resemble solar systems, large-scale structure of the universe similar to neurons in the human brain, but there is still a curious coincidence: the number of stars in the galaxy, galaxies in the universe, atoms in the cell and cells in a living being about the same (10 ^ 11 to 10 ^ 14). The next question is how to formulate and Mike Hughes:

Are we not just the brain cells create a larger global scale, which has not yet self-aware? How can we know it? How can we test it?

Believe it or not, but the idea that the total sum of everything in the universe is a rational creature exists for a long time and is part of the concept of the Marvel Universe and finite being – Eternity. Read the rest of this entry »

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