Mysterious Eternal book

Mysterious Eternal bookResearchers have discovered an entirely new book of prophecies, which very accurately indicates the date of the upcoming event. They are painted not only by years, but by day. Moreover, this book contains predictions to 6323, that is until the seventh millennium. Author of the book – a little-known monk from Florence.

A small provincial town of Assisi, located in the south of Italy, and is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet. But the main attraction of the city – the ancient monastery of St. Francis. It was built in the XIII century, and today it is visited every day by thousands of tourists. But only six centuries ago here, there were only a select few. Franciscan monks lived in the monastery. In 1333 in Assisi, the plague, from which killed all the monks. For several centuries the church was abandoned, but in 1970 the Italian authorities decided to reconstruct the ancient architectural monuments. Construction work was carried out within two years. When they were coming to an end, in 1972, builders have found a hiding place. He was behind the masonry of one of the walls of the monastery.

And this discovery was a sensation. The cache lay an ancient book, written six centuries ago. This manuscript was named eternal book. To understand its content, the researchers had to spend as much as five years. When the scientists were able to read ancient texts, they were shocked – they were the prophecies of the five thousand years. In this book, about eight pages, and more than five thousand predictions. And at the head of each was painted small black spider. It is because of this signature scientists have suggested who the author of the book of predictions. Black Spider in Italian – Rano Nero. So I called a monk who lived in a monastery in the XIV century. In fact, very little is known about this man. Scientists believe that his real name Federico Martelli. It is believed that this man was an advisor of Albert the Great, and was widely known. By the way, the individual manuscripts, the authorship of which was attributed to Nero, were found in the past, moreover, the texts even Hitler was interested in (see below).

In fairness, it should be noted that not everyone thinks the author is Rano Nero. Researchers have disagreed about the discovery: some consider the book a true and most comprehensive hard Rano Nero, others prefer to consider folio later forgery. Science, armed with a radioisotope that has a method of determining the age of the book, gave his answer: written work found within the XVII century. If we remember that the life of prophet date refers either to the XIV, or XV century, the question of the authenticity of the book-Oracle continues to remain open.

In his manuscript Nero and a half centuries before Nostradamus gave the forecast developments of civilization on our planet. When the Father Superior has forbidden me to make the horoscope, I began to think about the people at night, – wrote in the preface to the manuscript Rano Nero. I started having mysterious dreams of the years are real, I could not have them don`t record years over.. One loses youth, beauty, health, gusts of ambition. And only fear never leaves the future of people.  Apparently to allay it, Rano took up the pen. Making the rules of the church is to the monks of the Middle Ages could only compilation of biographies, astrological charts, tree kind of famous Florentines. Rector Father was against it, but what to do? Money monastery needed, and to ban astrology as heresy because more and more demand, he could not have her. Renaissance stood in the doorway, and among the abbots was an unspoken agreement with the flock – allow writing to order any of creative works, in addition to personal horoscopes. What respectable biographies Florentines emerged from the pen of the inhabitants of the monasteries, it is not surprising. Everyone wanted to have a God-inspired biography. That is written by the servants of God. By the way, the representatives of a certain kind of Vespucci also appealed to the Franciscans. And perhaps this is the monk wrote a biography of Nero family ancestors discoverer of America. But friendship with Francesco Guicciardini, statesman, historian and political scientist of the Middle Ages, made it possible to make predictions Nero officially noble families. Including prophecies about the Apocalypse. At the respectable citizens had only one demand – that family astrologers never been seen in Satanism. We needed pure souls. Thanks to the gift of foresight, prophetic dreams Nero monk described the milestones and future discoveries of mankind.

Note that about him were not known until the XVIII century, when Germany showed the manuscript. In 30-ies of XX century, it became the object of study by the maniacal Hitler, who ordered Ludwig Birtseru, coordinator of the research group of the Fuhrer in the esoteric writings to translate the mysterious monk in order to learn the future of Germany. According to the testimony of some, did not choose Birtser cautious expressions: It will be the second World War, Germany and the first rush to the attack, but it will lose the first battle in 1943, Berlin will become a cemetery. Hitler, as we know, did not like to wait, and decided in September 1939 to capture the surprise Poland. At the end of the war Berlin as predicted Rano Nero, he looked like a cemetery.

As for the eternal book, then it is not all clear from the contents of the mysterious collector. Full translation cannot be found in the available sources. For a wider audience in 1981 published a book, which was reprinted in 1984 and was a transcript of most of the prophecies of the Black Spider. However, this work, like a secret manuscript, suffered a strange fate. Despite the large print runs, now find it either in paper or in electronic form is not possible. Available to the public only a few extracts, containing a description and a partial transcript of about fifty prophecies.

Mirages stories

As is the case with other visionaries, most of the predictions Rano Nero concerns not specific people, and the countries, the world at large, scientific inventions and discoveries. The more interesting a few transcribed passages relating to quite specific individuals. Perhaps these predictions would have been greater if not for one fact makes it difficult to interpret. So, Rano Nero is often compared with Michel Nostradamus. But, unlike his successor, stacked visions in the strict verse form of quatrains (often even with the dates of upcoming events), Black Spider, wrote in a very arbitrary manner, somewhere – clearly indicating the initials or names, and where -So – dispensing vague, blurred images. That is why the prophecies relating to specific individuals, he found not so much.

One of the main heroes of predictions Rano Joseph Stalin, Nero can be considered by right. He explicitly called a seer great fear and confusion. Black Spider named after Stalin, a black man who had come down from the mountains and blows smoke from his mouth (this is not an allegory, as many people think, just at the time of Nero, the Europeans have not smoked tobacco, so he could not explain what they described a person smokes). Stalin was compared with a terrible bear, black beetle, a werewolf whose ominous shadow will cover a third of mankind. Most interesting is that the seer does not usually concentrate on the details with regard to the ruler of Tartary (as Russia was often called in medieval Europe) repeatedly reiterated that during his reign, many would be killed in the back of the fire. I know not the prophet of firearms very accurately described the countless Stalin’s executions.

Another great personality, called Rano Nero even by name – Martin Luther. Seer wrote that the schism will begin in 1503, which resulted in the west and north of Germany will be at war with each other. And this division will be headed by Martin L. Black Spider was right – the head of the Reformation, Martin Luther began. In another prophecy Nero predicted that in the second half of the XX century Pope, named dual name is wounded in the assassination attempt, which will take place in an area with a large gathering of people. The shooter will be Turk-atheist. Sam pontiff will remain alive and even to forgive his attacker. In fact Pope John Paul II was assassinated – just like in the prediction: in the square, while the pope was wounded people and then just shoot him Turk Agca.

And by the middle of the XX century, as predicted by Nero, the center of Europe produced a terrible bloody vortex, like a spider climb on three sides – the west, south and east and will last for seven years. And so it happened: in that order a bloody spider Nazi Germany reached the world. And if we start counting from 1938, when the Nazis invaded Austria, The Second World War lasted for seven years.

The subject of many of the great Spider predictions, but one of the show and is considered a prophet amazing vision of Yuri Gagarin. Seer wrote that Tartary win heaven by its first residents will rise to the stars. Knight-winner named George soar into the sky mirrored in a mirror a year-on-year double-century. How imaginative, but it turned out to be an accurate prediction! Yuri is known to be an option named George. Ref year 1961, the two parts – the reflection of each other, as well as writing in the XX century. And even double-calculus guessed absolutely true: after all, we believe in Arabic numerals, and a century – in Rome.

Black fungus

Here is another prediction that came true. By the middle of the XX century monk and took another black events: the invention of destructive weapons, which he described as exploding mushroom itself far above the human growth and black. Of course, Nero did not know it – nuclear weapons, but wrote that there will be three most terrible explosion: two on the ground, where born goddess Aurora, the third – in Tartary. Is it difficult to us, today, to guess which countries are we talking about? Aurora is known to be the goddess of the dawn. It turns out that two explosions Nero predicted in the land of the rising sun – Japan. Well, he was right again: nuclear explosions rocked the world’s first on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Well, what kind of country Tartary? As we have said, in the time of Nero so called Russian. I see the Black City terrible cloud, about which no one knows the time being, and that will bring unprecedented disease. Black City … Do not Do Chernobyl? The radioactive explosion at the nuclear power plant, which is not reported for a long time …

The ancient book of prophecies describe many of the events of the day. There are mentioned even outbreaks of avian and swine flu, of which humanity has learned recently. Pets become enemies of man, new types of diseases will come from them.

But if the prophecies of the Black Spider are accurate, it is possible that it will come true and the other predictions. Here is one of them: Satan Religion there in 1925. I see a winning streak, I see the temple, but there is no light in it all the other way around, and are visible only pork snout At the end of XX century the whole world will worship Satan Many white people…. this impressed by a religion.  This prophecy has come true monk, but only half. In 1925, there was indeed a religion of Satan. Englishman Aleister Crowley created the Order of Oriental Templars – the first official organization of the occult and Satan proclaimed idol. Satanists Order began to grow rapidly and within five years consisted of about a million people in it. But most importantly, soon a host of other sects whose members worshiped Satan. Today, there are over a million all over the planet, and according to official figures is now the religion of Satan adhere to thirty million people in the world. And their number is constantly growing.

If you believe the predictions of Nero, this religion may soon become official. According to the predictions of Rano Nero, it is Satan’s fans lead humanity to the end of the world. And all will begin with the fact that people learn how to create these yourself. Satan Fans of learn to do so that every person will have many of their similarities – prints. The soul of man is in turn infused into these similarities. It turns out that even in the XIV century monk predicted that scientists will learn how to clone animals and even humans. That clone. That is, using a single cell in the laboratory can grow absolute double. Currently, this technology is best developed in the USA. This country is generally called Nero destroyer of the world.

Monk believed that because of Tartary, that is, Russia will come the salvation of mankind. On the banks of the Volga will be born a man who will be able to overcome Satan’s religion and to revive the religion of goodness and light. So Nero calls the inhabitants of Russia, that will save humanity from destruction. When a person is born in Russia, who will save humanity from disaster, Federico Martelli does not have. He wrote only that it will happen at the beginning of the XXI century.

War and religion

Probably, any war – is so strong energy shock that it echoes heard through the thick centuries. Apparently, therefore, the war somehow predicts all clairvoyants and Rano Nero was no exception. Thus, in the Middle Ages Nero saw and two seven-year war in Europe and the Balkan war in 1912 (the seer called it a war on the Hellespont, and the Hellespont, as we know, this is the Dardanelles). In lofty terms he wrote about the eagle, which will bring in its beak a huge war in 1870. All came to pass – the Franco-Prussian war is directly connected with the family of Hohenzollern, the main element of which is the family crest eagle.

Unlike Nostradamus, who built the prediction solely within the framework of Christian doctrine, Rano Nero looked at religion is wider, so in his predictions of a lot of attention paid to the different religious groups. So, he foretold the struggle between the three great religions: the religion of Christ, the Sun religion and the religion of the Fire and Green. Christ Religion does not need the transcripts, green religion, of course, Islam. As for the Sun Fire and religion, the commentators believe that talking about Zoroastrianism as a seer wrote that her professed peoples of Arabia and Persia.

A self-fulfilling prophecy and future

Among the other most significant past and those yet to be fulfilled, were the following predictions.

End of the XX century – of the east can be seen the terrible cloud – he writes. Events that have taken place in the East at this time, of course, in the comments do not need, and so this enough press reported.

 In the sky will be two suns and two moons will not be overnight Earth will turn into a burning hell on earth would be impossible to live only in the air and under the ground will be the salvation of living eight underground cities… From the mountains will be built will cut down the top… Users will be able to live only in the mountains. Many people are blinded by the light of two suns.. Painted Nero picture is not a pleasant one. Perhaps this Black Spider predicts some cosmic cataclysm, as a result of which we will have a new light. But then why you can only live on mountain tops and in the dungeon? It remains vague and not clear.

Although the following are some explanations: In the north, snow and ice melt at the poles will be extensive luxuriantly blooming land It may be a direct consequence of the appearance of the second Sun it can cause a change of the tilt of Earth’s axis, and global warming, as a result of which the glaciers melt, and.. climate change. rise up huge waves. They will flood half the earth’s firmament, and then rolled back …

The above scenario is very similar to what we are predicting some scientists at the approach of Nibiru. The planets, which under the influence of life on Earth will take a completely different way.

Nero interested in not only politics with disasters, but also to everyday life. He predicted that people will begin to build houses in the cities’ above the tallest trees, and trees will be those of the city.  Ornate, of course, but it is clear: it is a concrete jungle. I foresee a monk and technical innovations. However, they seemed incomprehensible to him, and even scary. But he described them as accurately as I could. There will be terrible buzzing ropes and chains. People will communicate by means of them. Learn telephone wires and circuits? There will mirror, in which people will be reflected in many of the distance. And Nero wrote of shells, who hear and speak with human voices. Today, we already know the names of them, handsets and mobile phones. They really like seashells, people put it to his ear.

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