Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe

Geophysics Earth predicted Geophysicists from the US, Canada, France and Germany spoke about the future of the Earth in ten thousand years. The results of the authors of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The main conclusion of geophysicists is to ensure that global warming and anthropocentric factor over the next ten thousand years will if one does not take responses irreversible impact on the chaotic climate change on the planet.

The most conservative estimate suggests that over the next hundred years will pass in the atmosphere of about 1.28 billion tons of carbon. In another scenario, the air can be 9.5 billion tons of the material.

The consequences of changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere would be disastrous. The average temperature will rise more than two degrees Celsius, and the melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will lead to rising sea levels by 25 meters.

The consequence of this will be the flooding of coastal cities, which is now home to 19 percent of the world’s population (1.3 billion people). Approximately half of the population of 25 largest mega cities of the world will be forced to leave their habitat. In their work, scientists have presented three other scenarios of climate change providing for carbon emissions a total weight of up to 5.12 billion tons. Predictions of scientists in all cases are unfavorable for humanity.

In their study, the researchers collected evidence of climate change in the last ten thousand years since the last ice age and have modeled the possible consequences of burning fossil fuels. Scientists, using the data obtained showed that the rise in global sea level by 130 meters required to enter the Earth’s ecosystem in an equilibrium state, about ten thousand years that has allowed human civilization to develop.

Rectify the situation, according to scientists, can only be a complete cessation of carbon emissions into the atmosphere or its withdrawal measures from the air membrane. The slight reduction in carbon emissions, according to geophysicists, the situation will not improve.

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