Flies in the eyes. What it is?

EyesMany of us have noticed a strange movement in his own eyes – floaters with different densities, as if running away from your sight. Perhaps you do not know their official name, but you will no doubt have seen them in my eyes. Phenomena associated with the appearance of these floating visions, sometimes also referred to as vitreous capacities flying flies – Lat., Known as vitreous capacities.

They may look like dots or spots, threads, caterpillars, spider web, and it is – not an optical illusion. They really are there and slide on the inner surface of your eye. To understand where and how they appear, it is worth at least a little to understand the anatomy of the eye.

Foreign bodies

Front convex part of the eyes – the cornea is. Behind it is the pupil – a dark dot in the center of the eye – and the iris, colored edge around the thin movable orifice-pupil. Between them is a small container with a gelatinous liquid, which is called in Latin humor cameras or aqueous humor of the eye.

Unlike aqueous humor vitreous never replenished. You will die with the same amount of fluid in the vitreous of the eye, and with which they were born. This means that if any foreign objects have fallen into the vitreous body, such as blood or other cells, they will remain there.

When these small particles blocking the light passing through the eye, they are discarded little shadow on the retina. These shadows are what we perceive as the flies in their eyes.

  • As we get older, some jelly-like substance naturally breaks down and becomes more fluid.
  • And when that happens, dissolved in water, mineral particles scattered vitreous eye can stick together.
  • They can also project a small shadow on the retina, which are perceived as flies.
  • Most researchers and practitioners view this symptom as a minor problem

According to the reports optometrists, is quite common. According to one study conducted by British experts, each optometrist per month on average to treat 14 patients who complain about the flies in their eyes.

In another study, it was used for a smartphone app, allows you to determine how widespread is the problem of flies. From 603 smartphone users on Android 446 people, or 74 percent, reported that they had seen them.

However, only a third of the participants complained about the experiment is that it has a detrimental effect on their vision. Most researchers and practitioners view this symptom as a minor problem, as a majority of people accustomed to live with flies or those eventually disappear.

Risky Treatment

However, in other cases, this phenomenon can lead to more serious suffering and harm to health, or else be a harbinger of future problems. For example, sudden and abundant occurrence of flies in older people may be a sign of a condition known as rear detachment of the vitreous.

In an article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that patients who have been treated to an ophthalmologist with complaints about the sudden emergence of flies in their eyes, in 14% of cases are likely to suffer retinal breaks.

The sudden appearance of flies in the eyes can mean serious problems

This is quite a serious problem, as long as these patients had to see an ophthalmologist for immediate passage of inspection.

However, for most people in the eyes of flies are not a problem.

Despite this, a quick Internet search will give you plenty of different treatments, from the rather absurd (yoga) to those who seem to be justified, but requiring invasive intervention (surgery).

Of particular concern are the methods of treatment, which at first glance look quite acceptable, for example, the use of laser crystal yttrium-aluminum garnet. This tool is becoming more widely used in ophthalmology, but has not yet received the support or approval from the US Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration.

So, scientists and Mark David Sverdlovsk Bronson write in the journal Optometry is now carried out limited clinical investigation devoted to studying the possibility of using laser for the treatment of this symptom. If it turns out that the use of laser is safe, only a third of patients are waiting for moderate improvement in the condition.

A more acceptable procedure – for those patients in whom so many flies that it impairs their vision. It involves removal of part or all of vitreous and aqueous humor substitute for saline solution. But as Operation its involves a significant risk, including a high probability of detachment of the retina and cataracts, this method is usually considered an extreme measure. Many of us believe that in the eyes of flies – it is rather a hindrance rather than a pathology requiring treatment. For most people, traditional treatment of flies in the eyes is only encouragement and education. A study conducted in 2012 by Italian scientists, emphasizes this fact: many of us think that in the eyes of flies – it is rather a hindrance rather than a pathology requiring treatment.

Most people, like you and I can see the flies from time to time, especially looking at the clear blue sky – in this case are particularly well marked. Flies phenomena seem to us strange or disconcerting – until then, until they begin to fade. Then they disappear from our sight.

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