On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth

CometOn Sunday will be able to observe the comet Catalina that January 17 will approach the Earth to the minimum distance.

As explained in the Main Astronomical Observatory, the comet comes closer to our planet in such a way that the distance between celestial bodies will be 108 million kilometers, reports Interfax.

This will allow the people to consider it with the naked eye, it is especially to be seen in the northern latitudes. However, if you look closely, Catalina now can be seen in the sky in the Big Dipper.

At the same time, astronomers advise fans of the stars watch the flight of the comet away from city lights, armed with a telescope, binoculars or a telescope to have been the most vivid impressions.

The comet was discovered in 2013. In autumn last year the comet Catalina has completed its first circle around our planet and the start of rapprochement.

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