Found a huge egg with a worm inside

huge egg Residents of the village Baganaly County Kazanbasy in Auliekol District found a strange creature, like a big gray worm when touched to change color.

It is reported that stocks of coal imported in October 2015, was found an egg the size of a loaf of bread and covered with sticky like glue substance. Break an egg with a shovel, fireman found in it something like a worm length of about 20 centimeters.

Surprised workers brought it to the school office work and to see more clearly, poured water. At this time the tail section, there are several pouted, and it was in motion. When he touched the stick, it has changed its color to blue. Not knowing what it is, residents of the village Akim rural district called and told about the discovery.

Akim advised to contact the research institute in the city. Doubting that anyone can come to them this far, the residents of the village has not yet taken any action.It’s amazing how this creature survived the 30-degree cold and survived. By outward appearances, it is neither like any snake nor any other animals that lives in our area.

According to eyewitnesses, in the mouth it has a small molar. And the egg, and an unknown being taken to his home some Gene working there. Residents of the village, faced with such a mysterious creature, appealed to the media to inform the special municipal authorities.

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