On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth

CometOn Sunday will be able to observe the comet Catalina that January 17 will approach the Earth to the minimum distance.

As explained in the Main Astronomical Observatory, the comet comes closer to our planet in such a way that the distance between celestial bodies will be 108 million kilometers, reports Interfax.

This will allow the people to consider it with the naked eye, it is especially to be seen in the northern latitudes. However, if you look closely, Catalina now can be seen in the sky in the Big Dipper. Continue reading “On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth”

Found a huge egg with a worm inside

huge egg Residents of the village Baganaly County Kazanbasy in Auliekol District found a strange creature, like a big gray worm when touched to change color.

It is reported that stocks of coal imported in October 2015, was found an egg the size of a loaf of bread and covered with sticky like glue substance. Break an egg with a shovel, fireman found in it something like a worm length of about 20 centimeters. Continue reading “Found a huge egg with a worm inside”

Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse

ApocalypseNumerology brought a formula of the beast and reported on the imminent coming of the Antichrist. They derived a formula: 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016.

According to the Old Testament, 666 is the number of the Beast – the Antichrist who will come the Day of Judgment. The world feared end of the world for many years, but recently the threat of the apocalypse has become very real. Continue reading “Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse”

Stellar stone fukang

FukangThe first meteorite was found by the German scientist Peter Eastwards in the 18th century. This stunning meteorite is possibly the most beautiful object of extraterrestrial origin, which man has ever seen.

Fukang meteorite was found in 2000 year in the Gobi desert near the town of Fukang in Xinjiang Province of China. NEI leading collector divided large meteorite (over 1000 kg) and sent his part in United States. Fukang meteorite is pallasitom. Callosity is a very rare even among Star stones (1% of all meteorites found on Earth). Continue reading “Stellar stone fukang”

Oldenburg was filled with snow

 snow fallIn Oldenburg region rescue workers evacuated a hundred people from Oldenburg, due to strong blizzards. The street skidded in snow, night movement on it had to be cut off.

Many of those who ventured a ride in bad weather got stuck in snow drifts. 45 people, including infants, taken to temporary accommodation city Mednogorska. On the spot jam has a lifeguard, left on the road cars are protected. Continue reading “Oldenburg was filled with snow”

Ancient Slavs in Byzantine

Ancient SlavsIn 578 by Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire became Flavius Tiberius II Constantine, who when Justine II distinguished himself as a good military leader, who fought against the new enemies — the Avars. It is unknown what language spoken Avars, there are three versions of their origin: Mongolian, Persian and Turkic, and all three are equally well founded.

Tesnennye other peoples, Avars leave the lands of present-day Western Kazakhstan, and persecuted, are routed to the West. Along the way, they devastated the Earth, utigurov, kotrigurov Sabirov, and ants; ants have been particularly affected, as Avars temporarily settled on the busy antamy recently when Justinian lands in most lower Danube. Continue reading “Ancient Slavs in Byzantine”