The most ancient tattoos

ancient tattoosScientists have found the appointment of the most ancient in the world of tattoos that have been applied to the body of the Tyrolean Iceman Oetzi. So the researchers nicknamed frozen mummy, which is a group of tourists accidentally discovered in the Alps in 1991. It turned out that the pictures were of a medical character, according to Science Direct.

Oetzi was covered in tattoos from head to toe – all in the body of a man found 61 images. Oetzi was not about 3250 BC. Previously it was thought that the earliest tattoos – a point above the upper lip – belong to the Latin American Chinchorro mummies, but recently the historian Lars Krutakov from the US National Museum of Natural History found that the age of the body is smaller than previously thought.

If the scientists are correct, Oetzi older Chinchorro at least 500 years. Tattoos on the body of an iceman are the lines and crosses, which were deposited on charcoal incisions in the skin of the mummy. The scientists concluded that the earliest tattoos performed curative rather than a decorative function.

Whatever it was, Lars Krutakov does not exclude that in the near future Oetzi may no longer be considered the owner of the oldest tattoo. According to the historian, in an era when he lived ice man, tattooing was common practice, so that in future excavations will surely be found more ancient painted mummy.

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