Scientists have proved that Mars suitable for life

24 Dec

Mars lifeIt just so happened that all the planets of the solar system Mars is most attracted Space Explorers. Not coincidentally, it was the red planet mankind has looked after for itself as a possible place in the organization of prison overpopulation of our native land. And supporters of this idea received support from the NASA specialists who, as they themselves claim to have proved that Mars suitable for life.

This sensational conclusion scientist helped make the machine Curiosity, exploring the Martian landscape. With the help of nitrogen were found in an acceptable form of living organisms.

As stated at the Center Goddard Space Flight Jennifer Stern, near Gale crater the rover came across a unique environment, it is appropriate for the life of organisms. Curiosity brought sedimentary materials are heated; NASA experts have identified nitrogen dioxide. And this, as Stern said, confirms the theory of the existence of life on the Red Planet.

In fairness, it should be recalled that the US space agency scientists previously have repeatedly stated about getting hard evidence of the existence of life on this planet. Here it should be said that a number of experts believe: some substances seized from Mars research probes the earth, able to get there with debris.

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