NASA scientists for the first time commented a UFO on Mars

UFORepresentatives of NASA’s first comment on the photo and the UFO from Mars. Thus, they decided to discredit people’s opinions about what they hide sensitive data. The reason for such applications is the constant refusal of the public to comment on the various phenomena of NASA, the pictures that appear on their official website.

However, many fans of UFOs every day trying to find inexplicable viewing the online broadcast of the ISS. As a result, the agency receives a large amount of information about the discovery of various unexplained objects.

Representative, NASA rejects all the information scientists and amateurs. Experts say that it is just an optical illusion. But the public on this calms down and begins to look for in such statements hidden meaning. Many confidently claim that the actions are part of a NASA conspiracy.

The agency commented on the information and said that they simply do not have time to talk about such incidents in the media. However, among scientists and enthusiasts spread the information that scientists can not explain some of the phenomena that appear in the images, so they are trying to convince everyone that it’s just an optical illusion.

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