In the altai possible strong earthquakes

earthquakesGeologists have discovered in the Altai Mountains in the areas where you plan to lay a gas pipeline Power of Siberia-2, traces of previously unknown ancient major earthquakes. The data obtained taking into account previously made our research suggest that in the area in prehistoric times has been marked by strong earthquakes with magnitudes 5-7.

Katun River Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges, characterized by now relatively Minorities and magnitude seismic events have a much more significant seismic potential, are reported words of assistant professor of geological and geophysical faculty.

It is noted that the new data make overestimate the seismic hazard in some areas of the Altai mountains, where an earthquake of this magnitude has not previously recorded, and take them into account in the construction of facilities and gas pipeline to China.

The studies were conducted by specialists of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy. They reconstructed the ancient earthquakes, deformation, left them in the relief and sediments.

Explore fractured ledges, ditches, landslides and avalanches caused by earthquakes, as well as secondary deformation associated with the effects of soil liquefaction. Interesting data about ancient earthquakes also provides a study of their impact on archaeological sites. As a result, scientists can determine the magnitude, intensity, position of the epicenter area and the age of the ancient earthquake.

According scientists recorded various seismic deformation, which are related to the effect of dilution of soil in the ancient earthquakes. As a result, we found traces of strong earthquakes, including, reaching 8 points. It happened about 10.5 thousand. Years ago. Previously, such large earthquakes in this area are not fixed.

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