A man with two faces

two facesSometimes nature can make a person very cruel joke. And this man, who lived in the 19th century by the name of Edward Mordreyk, was the victim of just such a cruel lottery. He was the scion of one of the noblest families in England.

He was considered a bright, charming and refined person and everyone who knew him said that he was intelligent, he knew how to play musical instruments, and was gifted with talent and grace of God.

They say that in front he was very handsome, but he suffered a severe deformity. On the back of his head was the second person, and everyone who saw it, argued that it was a disgusting person and if exuded evil. Poor Edward was suffering from a rare disease called Craniophagus Parasiticus. This happens when the skull Siamese twins fused into one body. Edward lived in total seclusion, refusing visits even members of his own family.

It is said that the second person ever eaten and did not say, but it could smile or frown or his eyes often followed by someone. His lips were moving, and something quietly chattered without ceasing. And often you can see how it smiles and enjoys something when Edward this time crying in frustration from his ugliness.

While no one heard any words from the lips of the second person, Edward Mordake swore that he often woke up at night from a whisper of his evil twin. Edward begged doctors to remove his demonic face surgically. He said that it wakes him at night, whispering to him terrible, diabolical word.

He even wrote a letter to his doctor, who complained of his diabolical twin and said that he never sleeps, but always tells me things that can be said only in hell. No imagination can not imagine what horrible temptations he puts in front of me. Because of a crime is not forgiven his ancestors, I pasted this villain Рwhich undoubtedly is the devil. I beg and beseech you to remove it from the human similarity, even if I die at the same time.  Unfortunately, no doctor decided on surgery, fearing that kill Edward.

Despite the fact that doctors Edward followed closely behind him, he managed to get their hands on the poison and he committed suicide at the age of 23 years. After his death, it found a letter with the request to remove the demonic face before his funeral that it is not continued his terrible whisper in my grave.

Edward Mordake as he wished, was buried in a vacant lot, without tombstones. No one knows whether the doctors fulfilled his last wish.

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