The world once again approaching a giant asteroid

Our worldAccording to scientists, our planet is approaching asteroid giant. It became known in the course of observations by the Russian robotic telescope Master, which is in South Africa Sutherland Observatory.

The object has already been compared with the asteroid Apophis that may face our planet in 5 years. The diameter of the ring of a celestial body is about a kilometer, which is three times more than the already known Apophis. The turnover of the asteroid around the Sun is 2 Earth years. Scientists plan to monitor the activity of the new celestial body. Now it is necessary to calculate the trajectory and evaluate the potential danger to Earth.

Recall that the asteroid Apophis to compare to the new discovery, was opened in 2004. The name was given, according to Egyptian mythology, in which a huge serpent Apophis tries to destroy Ra. That same year, experts have suggested that a celestial body could face our planet, but in 2013 it passed near Earth.

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