The sea air is hazardous to health

 hazardous to healthThere is a very widespread opinion that sea air is very good for health. However, researchers have discovered in Sweden, such that air can be extremely dangerous. This work is carried out employees of Lund University in Sweden. They analyzed the sea air, which, by the way, doctors recommend their patients to breathe. Very often, doctors prescribe this therapy for people who have respiratory problems. The fact is that many people believe in the statement that breathe the fresh sea air is good for health.

Despite this, the results of a new study of Swedish scientists have shown that in fact the pleasant sea breeze may contain a large amount of toxins hazardous to health. These dangerous substances emit container ships, cruise liners, cargo ships and other types of maritime transport. Analysis of the composition of sea air showed that the content of harmful nano particles is at a dangerous level. According to the researchers, these nano particles can freely penetrate into the human lungs, causing subsequently heart disease and other ailments.

Most often this problem with the air quality is relevant to those coastal areas where much of the shipping. It is especially characteristic of the places where the wind rose directs air masses from the sea towards the land. Analysis of the detected airborne particles showed that at least half of which consisted of fuel and emissions of other various vehicles. The study authors conducted a parallel between the polluted sea air and urban smog, which consists of the exhaust of trucks, cars and other vehicles.

Going to the seaside, to fix the health, breathing supposedly clean and healthy sea air, it must be remembered that the naval vessels of various displacements ranging from small motorboats to huge tankers emit tons of toxic and hazardous substances. These dangerous substances quickly and completely free to penetrate into the lungs of man, as shown by the results of experiments, the researchers from Sweden.

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden has found that the air in the subway is extremely dangerous to human health because it contains small particles that can destroy the DNA.

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