Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold

Duplicate GoldResearchers Israeli Technion University for the first time in history managed to grow artificial gold in the laboratory. According to the publication in the Jerusalem Post, this discovery – it is the handiwork of a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Engineering Materials Mary Kristosof Koifman, who worked under the direction of Professor Boaz cover.

Details of the process of obtaining artificial gold scientists published in the journal Nature Communications. Technion – this is one of Israel’s leading universities specializing in technical sciences. It was opened in 1924, and during his tenure the wall places left thousands of professional engineers and scientists.

It was here in the 80s was invented optical fiber, the discovery of quasi crystals, as well as university staff made ​​a huge contribution to the development of chemistry. Not at all surprising that the Technion researchers are the first in the world have been able to grow artificial gold. When creating artificial gold, we were motivated solely scientific interest, but as it turned out, the resulting material has many potential advantages over natural gold.

Artificial material was obtained in the form of a porous single crystal, which has many advantages over poly crystals, in view of the continuous crystal lattice. This gold has a high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperatures, as well as enhanced conductivity of electricity and heat.

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