Physicists desperately want to Higgs boson was a mistake

Higgs bosonWhen Paul was about to Glacier he was to receive his degree in 2012, and has been around only talks about the Higgs boson. By smashing protons together for two years. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN was about had to grab a mysterious particle – which helps to explain how the universe came weight – from the realm of theory. The students, who happened to get in the LHC research group, had the chance to carry out the biggest discovery in modern physics.

Glacier was upset. Two months before he became a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh in the team at CERN, the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS have reported finding the Higgs boson. It was a little sad, – says Glacier. They waited 50 years to find it and could not wait another couple of months until I join them.

The next three years flowed into a hangover full of champagne. New data have confirmed the discovery of the Higgs and the Collider then closed for a two-year upgrade to then collide particles with a vengeance. This summer the long awaited restart of the LHC took a new challenge: try to find a large particles that have never been created in artificial particle accelerators. Physicists believe that might notice the particles that make up dark matter an unknown substance, almost a quarter of the universe  or even bump into other dimensions.

Although given the chance poizuchat exotic new particles, after three and a half years Glacier found himself still studying the Higgs boson with the experiment ATLAS. Rather than spend my life chasing a ghost, he is studying something totally real. The opening with all its splendor and the Nobel Prize, awarded for it – is just the first step, – says Glacier. Theorists and other scientists at the Collider agree with him. They think that the Higgs boson will help them find new physics.

The Higgs boson it the Higgs just as our senior colleagues became in a sense a point. The basis of elementary particle physics is the so-called Standard Model: A group of 17 elementary particles and the rules for their interaction. Before the discovery of the Higgs physics observed 16 of these particles – and unsuccessfully tried to find the 17th, which is sent to the entire model in a new direction. But Higgs was completely ordinary. He acted exactly with the predictions of the model, obeying all the rules of the theoretical.

We can say that physicists have overdone with forecasts. Having the Higgs, we thought it touched bottom, a leading physicist CMS, trying to describe the Higgs. But recently upgraded LHC, scientists ATLAS – along with colleagues from the CMS and among theoretical physicists – believe that the Higgs could still bring us to new paths in the nature of the world. As if you are bristling at the bottom, followed by the bottom should be a new, – says David. – You just need to continue to dig.

Physicists have prepared pretty juicy theory for the Higgs. When you are part of the process, giving the mass of the universe, you probably are involved in other illegal business interest. This month marked the completion of the first round of observation proton collisions at high energies in the LHC, and the data may affect the biggest questions in physics.

One of the greatest hopes that physicists assign to the new LHC, it does not turn the Standard Model new observations, and to expand it – to find a partner for each of the 17 particles, confirming the theory of super symmetry. The standard model perfectly explains the weak interaction, which allows a single particle to turn into another. But physicists do not know why the weak force is superior to gravity.

A Theory that would explain this oddity include the Higgs boson with a large mass, but discovered in 2012 boson was relatively easy. Observation of supersymmetric particles, which will also be easier, could explain the discrepancy. The Higgs boson could play a role in other as yet unknown particles of dark matter. It is possible that the Higgs can become dark matter or play some other role in its behavior. Huge LHC detectors measure what happens after the collision, trapping the energy of the resulting particles – and if some of this energy disappears, it may be an allusion to the appearance of dark matter.

And then there are matter and antimatter. Though physicists know about the existence of the two, they are not sure what happened immediately after the Big Bang, when the universe was composed of equal parts of matter and antimatter. They tend to destroy each other, becoming a net energy during a collision. But something caused the imbalance and has led to the fact that in the modern universe is much more matter than antimatter. Scientists believe that the Higgs interaction with itself could contribute – so plan to explore what happens when the two meet in the LHC Higgs.

Finally, physicists believe that can find even more Higgs particles. One good theory postulates that, instead of one type of Higgs boson – five of them. Some heavier than that found in 2012, and, therefore, may the LHC was not powerful enough to create them. Still.

All of these features cause some excitement in the scientific community. But the most intriguing results of the LHC may be due to the appearance of something that no one expected. Higgs, discovered in 2012, has a mass that is suspicious is compatible with a large number of interacting particles. This may be coincidental. Or physicists hope it can lead to some profound principles that were hidden by physicists until now. The ultimate goal, as always, find the thread for which can be pulled by activating the bell, which will lead the physicists to something new.

There are no guarantees that we have thought of everything, as one might think. Perhaps we were not talented and creative, Perhaps we are moving in a direction where you can catch fine new physics. It’s not something to find under the noses of a new particle.  Once again, the scientists launched clocks foggy waiting period. Peter Higgs proposed the existence of its boson in 1964 – could not find a particle 50 years. CERN scientists do not yet know enough powerful collider them to provide the required answers or have to wait for the next upgrade of the powerful energy after years or even decades.

We have a lot of questions. We have circumstantial evidence that the answers can be found by conducting experiments that we are doing – he says ATLAS Elliott Layples. We can stay with empty hands or find something shocking literally next month.  In general, it is a tedious and thankless job.

Glacier Group at the University of Edinburgh spends days analyzing the decay of the Higgs at a few specific types of particles. To uncover the secrets of the Higgs, physicists have to spend thousands of hours combing the unfathomable number of particle collisions that occur every day at the LHC. And if you’re lucky Glacier, that his team can detect the physics that will show that the Higgs wrong.

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