Natural disasters the results of October 2015

02 Nov

disastersIn October 2015, there were a lot of different natural disasters in various regions of the planet. At the beginning of the month, on Sakhalin walked a devastating hurricane. A powerful cyclone hit in late October on the Kamchatka Peninsula, causing strong winds, local flooding and debris gathering Kamchatka again intensified activity at the volcano. In October, in a number of areas in the western part of Russia walked a strong wind and snowfalls were observed earlier.

In Europe, several countries have not passed the flood. Flooded areas of various scales were observed in Iceland (due to the melting of glaciers), Italy (most affected Sicily), France, Greece, Albania, Croatia and Romania. The most devastating effects of the flood was an event in the southeast of France. On the Middle East struck stormy weather, storms and flooding occurred in Alexandria (Egypt), as well as in Lebanon and in Israel. Significant floods did not spare Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait. South China typhoon hit, which was accompanied by including the devastating tornado. In the north of the Philippines, the typhoon hit, Kopp.

In Indonesia, the continued large-scale forest fires, smog from fires except Indonesia itself covered as Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. But the most significant event of the month was just devastating earthquake in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, hundreds of people died. In addition, Myanmar rains caused devastating floods and landslides. In the US, just two staff came under significant flooding. If the South Carolina all limited floods in Texas and took another devastating tornado. Prior to that, also in Texas wildfires raged. In Arizona, there was a sandstorm. In California, because of the long-awaited rain came down mudslides.

In Mexico hit the strongest hurricane Patricia, which fortunately did not lead to catastrophic damage. Over Bahamas raged powerful Atlantic hurricane of the year Joaquin. Torrential rains and flooding occurred in several countries of Central America, namely Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and Costa Rica. At the beginning of the month in Guatemala, there was catastrophic in its consequences landslide. In Argentina, there was a devastating earthquake in the city.

In Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay swept a storm with rain, strong wind, hail and occasionally tornadoes. In Venezuela and Colombia observed floods. In Australia, at the end of the month in some states, there were significant storm. At least 1299 people were killed in the past month by earthquakes, landslides, floods, lightning strikes, hurricanes.

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