Natural disasters in 2015

27 Nov

disasters 2015A new report on disasters, UN says that the natural disasters in the last 10 years occurred almost daily about 2 times higher than 20 years ago. In a report published on Monday, it is reported that over the past 20 years, 90% of disasters were related to floods, storms, heat and other weather phenomena. Another 10% falls in the share of geophysical disasters earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Although the study said that the findings on the relationship of these events to global climate change is to do early, many climate scientists agree that the warming of the atmosphere exacerbates the effects of some natural disasters. What natural disasters have become the deadliest in 2015?

  1. Heat in India

In May, in India because of the heat killed 2.5 thousand people, mostly in the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The temperature reached 48 degrees, this period of sustained heat was recognized as the fifth deadliness on record. In the capital, New Delhi, melted asphalt. Most of the people who died of dehydration and heat stroke, were farmers or builders who could not afford to stop working, despite the danger, as well as elderly people living in poverty.

  1. Heat in Pakistan

A few weeks later came the heat wave in Pakistan – from the heat in June, 1229 people were killed there, mostly in the city of Karachi. The temperature reached 45 degrees, which led to the fact that more than 65 thousand people were hospitalized as a result of heat stroke. As the Huffington post, a wave of heat came during Ramadan – a month during which time from dawn to dusk Muslims observe fasting.

  1. Landslides caused by the passage of the cyclone Komen

Tropical cyclone intensified the seasonal monsoon rains in August led to the death of 493 people in six Asian countries. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes. In some parts of Myanmar and Bangladesh received more than 900 mm of rainfall, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan and India more than two weeks of continued flooding. In India, derailed a passenger train came, a few dozen people were killed.

  1. Flooding in the Republic of Malawi

Floods in Malawi, located in East Africa, killed 276 people, the country’s president, Peter Mutharika announced that half of the country is a disaster zone. Suffered almost a quarter of a million people, 230 thousand were injured, also affected more than 63.9 thousand hectares of land, damage was estimated at $ 51 million.

  1. Flooding in Chile

Floods occurred in the Chilean Atacama Desert in March – killing 178 people. Media described the event as 14 years of rain in 24 hours, and called it a flood in one of the driest regions of the planet’s most extraordinary weather event in 2015. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said that the damage will be at least $ 1.5 billion.

It is interesting, however, that as a result of the passage of historic record rainfall in the desert blossomed this year have awakened to life the seeds of flowers that lay dormant for many years. Such blooms are rare and occur about once every 5-10 years.

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