NASA tomorrow unveil new discoveries on Mars

04 Nov

on MarsRepresentatives from NASA said that on November 5 unveil new discoveries in the field of exploration of Mars.

Experts talk about the fate of the atmosphere NASA tomorrow unveilĀ  of the Red NASA tomorrow unveil planet at a press conference to be held that day at 22:00 Moscow time in the conference hall of the James Webb Space Telescope in the NASA Headquarters in Washington. This was reported on the site control.

The event will be attended by leading scientist Mars Exploration Program, Michael Meyer, as well as researchers of the project maven.

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Evolution of the atmosphere and volatile on Mars, which control the eponymous aircraft and study his findings. NASA Press Conference coincides with the release of the journal Science, which is supposed to be told about the results of the satellite MAVEN, released to orbit the Red Planet in September 2014.At the moment in the orbit of Mars are five stations.

Three of them – US: Mars Odyssey (2001), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, from 2006 and MAVEN Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, from 2014. On the surface of the Red Planet are American rovers Opportunity (2004) and Curiosity (since 2012.).

Rover Opportunity – record for the duration of the work and the unit Curiosity – the heaviest rover his weight – 900 kg. There is a theory that Mars once had a much denser atmosphere and on its surface is water in liquid form. Thus, Mars could have provision for the existence and maintenance of life. MAVEN device during the study of the evolution of the Martian atmosphere holds a variety of measurements that can confirm or refute the theory.

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