Mysterious History of Babylon

Mysterious history of BabylonThe biblical story of the grand structure. Tower of Babel still is haunted by numerous scientists who are trying to disprove any, or to prove the truth of the story.  According to the well-known legend, one day people wanted to build a tower that would reach to the sky, and it’s not like God, who as a punishment for human pride and self-confidence of people deprived of a common language.

Cease to understand each other’s builders abandoned their venture, and the place where there is a significant historical event was called Babylon, which in Aramaic means confusion.

However, some linguists are ready to argue with that interpretation, since in Hebrew Babel sounds like Babel. But often gets in tune with ancient inscriptions Babylon word Bab-il and Bab-ilu likely means gate of God, which is more in tune with the original rather than Aramaic balbel. Whatever it was, but the experts all over the world are trying to find traces of the legendary construction that took place in ancient times.

According to British scientists, they have found significant evidence of the existence of the Tower of Babel. And I helped them in the private collection of one of the business, which includes a fragment of cuneiform tablets and stone carvings. Deciphering labels revealed that they contain a detailed description of the Stele of the Tower of Babel, and the figure depicts the king Nebuchadnezzar, who ruled Babylon 2,500 years ago.

Under the existing version at the moment, the famous Tower of Babel ancient temple height of 91 meters. This assumption was made by experts for a long time, since the end of last century by Robert Koldewey had found the ruins of the once great Babylon. The newly opened City confirmed the existence of one of the Wonders of the World – Gardens of Babylon, and provided food for thought about biblical tower.  Actually found the structure is not really a tower, but rather a pyramid, a width of 90 meters.

The top of this building once was crowned with a golden statue of the supreme god of the Babylonians – Marduk. According to one version, in the construction of this grand temple he used King Nebuchadnezzar captured slaves captured in Judah, who spoke different dialects, and is struck by the diversity of languages ​​Jews still are not faced with multilingualism. Perhaps it was this time and served as the basis for the story of the Tower of Babel.

Found ziggurat has seven storey, but the famous historian Herodotus describes how Tower of Babel, with a width of 180 meters at the base. Archaeologists suggest that the missing tier may be down under the ground. Despite the fact that the location of the Tower of Babel, the experts seem to be determined, such a legend and is composed of a pyramid located in Mexico. This grand building height of 160 feet is very reminiscent of the pyramids of Egypt, and the size even exceeds them.

The legend of this unique building was recorded as early as 1579 the historian Duran, and the plot is very similar to the Bible. Although it is likely that it was the Spanish missionaries presented in such a way that the construction of a colossal pyramid. In general, the legend of the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel the help of a kind unique because other nations are similar legends with her or in the first part the construction of ladder to the sky, or as a second – which simply refers to the confusion of tongues.

For example, some African tribes in the vicinity of the Zambezi, there are legends that tell of what was once a god Niambe demanded obedience from the people. But people are not willing to submit to him and decided to kill Niambe. Then God hurriedly climbed into the sky, and stapled together mast on which people also climbed to the sky in an attempt to catch the fugitive, collapsed and died pursuers.

In the Ashanti also has a similar legend, which offended God left the earth, he ascended to heaven. Only in this case as a ladder for people spoke pestles for grain repulsion, which put one on the other? In the same Africa there is a very entertaining legend, as people began to talk in different languages. As expected, the first among all nations was of one language, but during a severe famine people lost their reason and dispersed to different parts of the world, while muttering unintelligible words, which then become the language of any nationality.

In Maidu Indians of California also has its own version of the confusion of tongues, according to which on the eve of celebrations of the people no longer understand each other, and only married couples can communicate with each other on one and the same language. But God came at night to one of the exorcists, and gave him the gift to understand each of the languages, and the intermediary taught people everything: cook, hunting, comply with the Act. Then all the people were sent in different directions.

The legends of many peoples are displaying that once people had a common language, and some scientists even try to determine what language spoke first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden, including the wily serpent. Languages ​​and dialects in the world there exists a great multitude, and a huge number of them will not be restored.  Unfortunately, these first imperceptible losses over time turn into challenging puzzles, prisoners in obscure subsequent generations’ symbols and letters.

While some of these inscriptions undoubtedly contain information that could shed light on some of the greatest mysteries of history.

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