Invisible Killer

killerA group of scientists discovered in soil samples taken in the Chukchi tundra terrible discovery – a gigantic virus. Unlike conventional counterparts invisible, it can be considered in the optical microscope. Lay deep in the earth, thirty thousand years. Then the world still living mammoths. Pets-extinct giants.
Do not threaten people to their fate? Scientists have revived the virus and hoisted to the amoeba, and it instantly destroys the entire colony. Where is the guarantee that the permafrost is not fraught with other ancient viruses that can be fatal to humans? Permafrost in Siberia or cold Antarctic lake hide huge number of viruses. One day they may wake up and it will be a monstrous threat to all humanity. Because of global warming, the risk increases many times.

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm. Ice mainland reduces its area at a speed of 2 kilometers per year. Measurements from the satellite of the European Space Agency CryoSat – awesome. The rate of melting of Antarctica is growing exponentially. Has the time will come when the ancient viruses come to life? How do we deal with them? Viruses – a ruthless killer. From variola virus in the XVII century, one in five children died. Yersinia pestis – the worst disease in history.
Translated from Latin, the virus – a poison. This microscopic particle acts on the body in much the same as malware infected computers. Imagine: the Internet, a new virus. Your computer caught it. What’s happening? A malicious program begins to copy itself. Copies scatter throughout the operating system. Implemented in the program. Remove useful files. The result – your computer starts to slow down, hang out even blocked.
Almost the same thing happens when the virus enters the human body. While the virus did not get into the cage – it is harmless. But making his way into the body, the virus begins to multiply, gradually gaining more and more cells. First, he uses us as an incubator, and then gaining strength and destroys healthy cells, and then goes in search of a new victim. And so – to infinity.
To date, it allocated more than seventy viruses that cause various diseases in people who are able to infect humans and kill him. Computer viruses are created by people. To block the user experience lead into disrepair operating system or access to valuable information. Is it possible to use these malicious viruses to nature? This is available and what threatens mankind new artificially created microparticle if it gets out of control? Even viruses known to science, with which medicine has learned to fight, could cause mass epidemics.
It is known, for example, viruses every 4 years, reduced the number of rabbits, foxes livestock almost 90%. Professor of Medicine, University of Aix-Marseille, Jean-Michel Klavri convinced that viruses, like the one giant, who was found in the permafrost, are a threat to humanity. A method of storing a tale about Koshcheeva death.

A flask with hidden in the refrigerator at a temperature of minus 80 degrees. Deep Freeze does not allow the virus to wake up. Refrigerator is installed in a special room with concrete walls. The room, in turn, is placed inside the laboratory walls are reinforced with metal fittings. The thickness of each wall – half a meter. Laboratory building securely protected. Everything under control – surveillance cameras everywhere. About the same security measures in the storage of the virus Variola major – the smallpox virus.
Only in the XX century, Variola major took the lives of 500 million people. Yes, smallpox exists today. Its virus is kept in two laboratories in the world. Second – in the United States. In 2011, the causative agent of a dangerous disease like to get rid of. But the World Health Organization protested: to destroy the smallpox is still too early.
Smallpox – the scourge, from which there was no escape. Epidemics swept in different countries at different times, leaving behind countless corpses. Smallpox did not spare anyone. Historians have calculated that in Europe alone were dying from it each year half a million people. Europeans first found a way to fight. At the end of the eighteenth century English physician and naturalist Jenner put the experience with vaccination.
To overcome smallpox the cost of enormous effort and a lot of money – was only in the second half of the XX century. In 1980, it was announced that the complete eradication of smallpox throughout the world. Maybe doctors rushed, and we still have to pay a terrible price for this haste?
Worked in Egypt, archaeologists made a sensational discovery – mum age of about 4 thousand years. When recently began to explore the skin of the woman, it turned out that it has the typical symptoms that causes smallpox. They took out the material, look under the electron microscope and found out: it was precisely the smallpox virus.
It turns out that no one is immune from the meeting with the killer virus? What would happen if one day he will come back? Imminent death from smallpox comes already on the 14th day, after a healthy person comes in contact with a carrier of the disease. Do you remember where it is stored variola virus? Only two laboratories in the world. In Atlanta and Koltsovo – not far from Novosibirsk. Allegedly, under strict control.
Whence then took six vials of smallpox, which in July 2014 was found in the basement of a research center in Maryland? The deadly cargo was hidden in an ordinary cardboard box. How was it possible to prevent such terrible carelessness? And how many more of these tubes are also unaccounted for in the recesses of the world? What would happen if one day they discover – by accident or malicious intent?
Another terrible disease – plague. In the middle of the XIV century it according to various estimates killed in Europe between thirty to sixty million people. Nikolai Karamzin in his History of the Russian State wrote: This cruel plague several times and came back. In Smolensk, it raged 3 times, finally in 1387 left him only 5 people, who, according to the Chronicle, came out and Shutter city filled with corpses.

From the XIV century major plague epidemic occurred roughly every 70-100 years. Disease around the world, and then disappearing. The more people, the more quickly the infection spreads. The planet we have six billion. Does this mean that the plague will be back soon? Where is she hiding? Back in the 1960s, Iranian researchers hypothesized plague. Pests can be tens or even hundreds of years to exist in rodent burrows or even in rich organic soil. For example, in the plague cemetery.
At the end of the XVIII century in Moscow alone, the plague claimed the next world 60,000. All of them were buried outside the city, on the specially equipped plague cemeteries. These cemeteries were located Collegiate Chamber of the shaft. That is – for the current Third Ring Road. What it is today in place of some of these cemeteries?
Elite residential areas. This risk of getting the plague still exists. From 2004 to 2009, according to the WHO in 16 countries reported 13,000 cases of plague. Of these, 900 – with fatal consequences. Information about cases came from Africa, China, Myanmar, Peru, Bolivia, and even the United States. At the same time there is a cure for the plague. This antibiotic streptomycin, created in the USSR in the mid XX century. Why is the vaccine for, the plague is not included in the category of mandatory?
Natural foci of the virus found in the Astrakhan region, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the Altai Republic, Dagestan. And it is – not a complete list. Local residents were vaccinated. They are protected from the plague. And the others? No. But why? Maybe vaccinated against plague is simply not profitable? And maybe have secret forces interested in that at the right time again to bring to the stage the history of the plague?
Another killer virus – HIV. There is considerable evidence that the human immunodeficiency virus was created artificially. English explorer Edward Hupeor argued that HIV was spread through the American mistake and Belgian scientists. In the development of the polio vaccine, they used the chimpanzee liver cells suspected of containing a virus that resembles HIV. The vaccine was tested just in those regions of Africa, where there is the highest percentage of HIV infected.
The military budget requested $ 10 million to create biological weapons. Then one of the experts on biological weapons, speaking in the Senate, said: Over the next 10 years we will create a new microorganism which is capable of killing a human immune system. But the report numbered 200, created the National Security Agency US December 10, 1974. The name of the memorandum – The effects of population growth for the United States and foreign businesses.
The document was declassified only in 1990. Why its content was strictly secret? Perhaps because there the plans of the United States said very frankly: The reduction of the population of the planet is a major priority for the United States to achieve higher goals and optimization of external economic relations. Perhaps the rumors that HIV was created in a military laboratory of the Pentagon, they are the real foundation.

Computer anti-virus works on the same principle as the human immune system. Once your car touches the virus connects to the case antivirus software. But what if it is weakened or obsolete?. In this case, the virus can easily penetrate into the car and will infect all files. Since human viruses the same thing happens. The human immunodeficiency virus – HIV – attacks the immune system. The body of the patient ceases to be protected from disease, any infection is fraught with death. HIV does not spare anyone. Last loud news, Hollywood star Charlie Sheen admitted in a TV channel NBC, which is also suffering from this terrible disease.
The actor says that he received antiviral therapy. Without medical intervention immune disease leads to death in ten years after infection. And the drugs can prolong the life of seventy or eighty years. Should this treatment is about 20 billion rubles a year, and is paid by the state. However, according to official data of HIV-infected people in the country about a million. That is, the drugs need to 9 times more. And how many lives for the same year will carry an incurable virus? Three million people. These are two of Novosibirsk.
The terrible statistics, referred to at the international medical conference in Rome in 2011, the year: every day from HIV kills almost 5,000 people. And every 6 seconds, the infection of a healthy person. For owners of pharmaceutical companies – a huge market that can give fantastic returns. In 1986, Dr. Robert Strecker said US military is experiencing biological weapons under the guise of the WHO program Vaccination against smallpox. He cited data: in 1970, during this vaccination with contaminated needles ten million Africans were infected with HIV. The United States Government denies such accusations. But history knows similar examples.
The British in the XVII century gave the Indians a blanket, which was previously wrapped in patients with smallpox and Indian outbreak. Millions of Indians died during the 50 years of smallpox. With the advancement of technology people have started to carry out research: how to use viruses to fight the potential enemy? During Soviet times, institutes and laboratories, staffed by virologists, were scattered throughout the country.
In April 1979 in Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg outbreak of anthrax. The official version: blame the meat of infected cattle. There is another explanation: in a secret laboratory near Sverdlovsk engaged in the development and production of biological weapons. Due to an error of one of the employees of anthrax spores into the atmosphere. The reason – ordinary negligence. The proof of this version does not – just as there are no official data confirmed that the US military carried out tests of biological weapons on foreign soil.
Secret agencies involved in the development of biological weapons, trying to leave no trace. But sometimes the secret becomes clear. Growing evidence suggests that the Ebola outbreak was not an accident. Terrible disease suddenly broke out in several African countries. During the outbreak of the virus killed two American doctors, who immediately brought into a closed clinic in the United States.

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