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HealthPregnancy a happy and memorable time in the life of every woman. During this period it is subject to some temporary difficulties.

On the abdominal muscles have to a huge burden and they can become loose, lose tone. Therefore, pregnant women are at risk of occurrence of hernia. To illness does not cause discomfort need to consider in detail the factors of its appearance, symptoms and prevention and treatment methods. There are 2 types of hernia in pregnancy: umbilical and inguinal.

Umbilical hernia in pregnancy

This type of hernia is a protrusion through the umbilical ring internal organs in the abdominal cavity. There were no symptoms of the illness, and reduce a hernia inside. Sometimes it produces a characteristic sound of popping the bubble. Factors occurrence of umbilical hernia:

  • Individual predisposition. If a woman has previously faced with this disease, there is a likelihood of recurrence.
  • The weakening of the abdominal muscles. They can lose their tone due to high load.
  • Overweight women before pregnancy.
  • Multiple pregnancies and large fruit.
  • Repeated pregnancies. Stretched before the muscles and ligaments of the abdomen can provoke illness.

Inguinal hernia in pregnant women

In the case of an inguinal hernia, portions of the abdominal organs are in the inguinal canal. The causes of the disease are factors:

  • Increased intro-abdominal pressure due to increase in size of the uterus.
  • Accompanying factors: weight lifting, strenuous exercise, constipation and chronic cough.

The symptoms of a hernia

Symptoms an umbilical hernia seen even non-specialist. It is a bulge in the region of the navel and if it is quite simply pressing inward reduce a. A hernia does not affect the general condition of the pregnant woman and does not cause pain.
The second type of hernia – inguinal appears less and recognizes it’s pretty simple. It appears soft to the touch, painless bulge in the groin area. Increasing the fetus is able to provoke an increase in protrusion by increasing intro-abdominal pressure. This process may be painful and uncomfortable.

Hernia increases upright and tends to bulge under physical stress. Infringement of the internal organs located in the middle of the hernia sac can be dangerous.

The methods of treatment and prevention

If you experience any kind of hernia is necessary to see a doctor, who surgery. Umbilical hernia is not dangerous during pregnancy. Exceptions are rare cases of its infringement. If a woman feels fine and there is no pain in the abdomen, then there is no reason for concern. Operate strangulated hernia in pregnant women is very rare.

The best prevention, which in this case will advise doctors – wearing a high brace for pregnant women. It effectively supports the abdomen, covering the navel; the navel protrusion prevents the process and can contribute to the prevention of infringement of this type of hernia.

When inguinal hernia need surgery, but during pregnancy it is not practiced. The exception is the infringement. Prevention is wearing a bandage, massage and gymnastics. You must stick to your diet to avoid bloating and constipation.

It is necessary to examine the information on hernia more on in case of detection of this problem is particularly important during pregnancy to give their full attention to health, because it depends on the development of the unborn child.

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