Found a hermit who lived in the forest 20 years

09 Nov

hermitIn Italy, I found a man who went missing 20 years ago. His name is Carlos Sanchez a native of Spain. Ortiz was found in the woods in the western Italian region of Tuscany. It turned out that the man had lived there for many years – since 1995.

He was then 26 years old, he suffered from depression and decided to get away from civilization. The hermit lived on the cape of Cala Violina in Maremma Nature Reserve on the coast in northern Tuscany. A few years later it will stop searching. In 2010, he was officially declared dead.

Existence Ortiz learned by accident. At his home came upon pickers. According to them, the Spaniard lived in a tent. He told them that he was born in Seville and was formerly a psychiatrist and showed his passport, but warned he would leave his refuge, if they tell others about his whereabouts. It is not known whether the pickers Ortiz promised to remain silent, but after returning home, they reported their discovery to a local organization dealing with cases of missing persons.

A month later, I managed to get on the trail of native Ortiz. His parents immediately flew to Italy to meet with his son, but it turned out that he disappeared again without leaving any traces. Despite this, the relatives said they intend to continue the search.

According to them, they were pleased to learn that the Spaniard alive. Ortiz’s mother said that although she respects his son’s desire to be free, but will not rest until they can hug him again.

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