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28 Nov

PersonalityIn life, we are constantly faced with situations where you need to change something, or just to do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown often prevents us from acting. Our inner voice begins to convince us that all is not so bad, but who knows whether good if we begin to change their lives. There are internal borders within which we feel safe just because it is familiar to us all and familiar.
It is these internal frames, forcing us to hold on to relationships that have outlived their usefulness, for a job that does not bring us to meet and even the usual way of thinking. These internal frames and from our comfort zone. Comfort Zone area of living space, giving a feeling of comfort and security. As a rule, the comfort zone is determined by the habitual patterns of behavior, accustomed to something, even comfortable. To resist a world where everything is familiar, stable and predictable.

Simply put, this is a state where you feel at ease. It would seem, what’s wrong with comfort and security? Nothing, except the fact that they greatly impede the development and mastering of new. Any learning and training associated with the release of the boundaries of your comfort zone. Outside the comfort zone is an area of risk. A reasonable way out beyond the comfort zone at risk a necessary condition for the development of the individual.
As a general rule, the younger a person is, the easier and more likely it expands the comfort zone. When a healthy person lingers long in the comfort zone and makes no effort to get out of this area and to expand its borders, its development stops, going to the degradation of the individual. Such a formulation very clearly makes us feel the inevitability of overcoming borders, if we are interested in their own development.
To begin to deal with the fact, how can we understand that stuck in a comfort zone. This can be understood in its reaction to any new situation that we are facing, or even thinking about it. The first reaction is likely to be feared. We want to emphasize that the reaction to the new can be totally different exciting, curiosity, interest, concern, but the fear is destructive feeling and an indication that come out of your comfort zone is not desirable.
Further, on the basis of this fear, stuck in a comfort zone can choose several options for the behavior of run and hide, ignore protest, resist, and try to prevent the change, while the path leading to the expansion of your comfort zone, implies acceptance and adaptation.
The most important condition out of your comfort zone can be considered as the realization that we are stuck in it. Not recognizing ourselves that we are stuck in a comfort zone, we cannot get the ball rolling. It is important to take for themselves the idea that we’re stuck here and we need to move beyond the current situation, identifying the area of your comfort zone. It is our job, our business, the established, but do not suit our relationship, the city, the apartment where we live – all this can be our comfort zone that we have not satisfied, but we are afraid of change and do not undertake to change your life.
Bear in a small cage
In one small zoo bear long kept in a small cage, so he could only make 4 steps in one direction and turn around and make the 4 steps back. So he walked for days in a cage and back. Visitors spared the bear and said, What he probably would have been happy if he could be on the loose. As time went on, the zoo began to repair, and all the animals made large spacious cages. They had a lot of green, and corral the bear even a swimming pool. Zoo workers anticipated as a huge beast would be delighted when he moved from a small cage in a spacious enclosure.
And the long awaited day has come. Bear distill into a tiny cage for transportation and transported to a new location. Even in the transport cage, the bear managed to make their mandatory 4 steps fro. Finally, he was released in a new spacious enclosure. Bear looked around cautiously took a step, then another, third, fourth. And then he turned and again made the 4 steps back. He could not understand that now the bars of the cage that limited his freedom, exist only in his imagination. But these bars in the memory of this animal have been stronger. Since bear and still walks in the huge aviary: 4 steps and 4 to step back.
1. Problem. The first step to overcome the internal borders will be posing the problem. That is, we will decide what we want to go, what results we want to achieve. Suppose we realized that we uncomfortable or afraid to meet new people. Accordingly, our task will be to get acquainted as much as possible and more often in order to make this process a habit, and hence comfortable.
2. The next stage the formulation of its planned results. The amount of the planned result the specifics, how many and that by a certain date I plan to get the results of work on the course or exercise other obligations in the work over itself. As a rule, numbers, facts or expert assessment. Formulating the ISP sets out more clearly and the results of the work, including work on a provide criteria for the exercise and the answer to the question: How do I know that the exercise is done?. The prescription of concrete steps to achieve it.
How do we know that the extended comfort zone? It is clear that the criterion to be calm when tying dating, but this condition cannot be weighted. Therefore, we define the ISP in our case, as a specific number of dating for a month of work to get out of your comfort zone. And outline what specific persons, we expect to include in a plan for each day. It should be noted that it is necessary to gradually increase their number within reason. Will the planned number of singles to comfortable? Even if not entirely, in any case, progress is evident.
The main trick in this case is that switching the focus from the state for a specific job to get out of your comfort zone, we have accumulated the required state. Status of comfort does not come by itself, it requires a particular job. She will study.

3. Work. The work includes the planned passage of planned steps. We have planned some activities for each day, and now our task is to implement them. The best will write daily reports on the work done by analyzing the results and progress.
4. Work. Repeat point is not just a justification of double RR abbreviation.
We would like to emphasize two aspects. Firstly, that the work is the main thing that is required to expand the comfort zone and therefore most of the time we devote to her.
Secondly, the fact that this work should be carried out consistently and increase the volume should be gradual. And this is very important.
The problem with leaving the comfort zone lies in the fact that people often try to immediately jump to the level they want to achieve. For some people, it might work, but for most this is only an attempt to force them to stay in their comfort zone, even just because of anxiety resulting from attempts to bite off more than can chew. This gradual development and capacity can lead to adaptation of the new zone. And we must understand that the passage of the stages will take time.
You can not immediately adapt to the new expanded area. We remember that the consolidation of a new habit takes 21 days. In fact, the development of a new habit, it is also the expansion of the comfort zone. If we do not, make sure that we feel comfortable with the ever increasing volume, we have a high risk to destroy the results of all our work. Therefore, every step and every step in this phase should be comfortable.
5. Mastering. Finally, the fifth step – full development of the new territory. Achieving the ISP. This is actually our new comfort zone.
In addition, to expand the comfort zone in the specific area in which we realized the necessity of this, we consider it very important to develop the habit of going out of your comfort zone into any situation. To do this, you must learn to take the fear when meeting with a new one. We offer trainers to develop a habit.
Change the usual stuff. You can try to go to work the other way, to change the usual routine and go not in the store, which along the way, and one that another street, buy unfamiliar foods. Meet with anyone. This is a good way to get out of your comfort zone. It does not matter where and how, the main thing that the man was new to you.
Find a course or training, a club that you are interested in, but you for some reason as we already know, for some refused the idea to go there. Learn what once wanted to be able to. Play the balalaika, do rolls, cross stitching – all excellent trainers to expand the comfort zone.

Read a book, watch a movie or listen to music in an unusual genre for you. Love rock, listen to jazz. Love melodrama, look thriller. Love prose, read poems. Embark on an unplanned trip. Do not plan to resolve all on the go. Can you get a lot of impressions and accurately expand the comfort zone.
Dress unusual. If you’re a girl, unaccustomed to wear a dress, buy and wear. Unusual colors, styles and new brands – they are also our piggy bank simulators. If you’re a guy who walked only in T-shirts and jeans, dress classics, beautiful shoes, expensive pants, stylish light jacket with a bright tie or a scarf. Well, at least a dress shirt instead of T-shirts – for a start, and it was good.

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