Healthy moms

Pregnancy a happy and memorable time in the life of every woman. During this period it is subject to some temporary difficulties. On the abdominal muscles have to a huge burden and they can become loose, lose tone. Therefore, pregnant women are at risk of occurrence of hernia. To illness does not cause discomfort need… Read more Healthy moms

Invisible Killer

A group of scientists discovered in soil samples taken in the Chukchi tundra terrible discovery – a gigantic virus. Unlike conventional counterparts invisible, it can be considered in the optical microscope. Lay deep in the earth, thirty thousand years. Then the world still living mammoths. Pets-extinct giants. Do not threaten people to their fate? Scientists… Read more Invisible Killer

Around the Earth found a cocoon of dark matter

Astrophysicists have suggested that dark matter around the planets of the solar system takes the form of long hair. Article about this accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal, and briefing on the study, said in a NASA press release. Dark matter – a hypothetical form of matter that does not emit electromagnetic radiation and… Read more Around the Earth found a cocoon of dark matter

Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold

Researchers Israeli Technion University for the first time in history managed to grow artificial gold in the laboratory. According to the publication in the Jerusalem Post, this discovery – it is the handiwork of a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Engineering Materials Mary Kristosof Koifman, who worked under the direction of Professor Boaz cover.… Read more Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold