Healthy moms

HealthPregnancy a happy and memorable time in the life of every woman. During this period it is subject to some temporary difficulties.

On the abdominal muscles have to a huge burden and they can become loose, lose tone. Therefore, pregnant women are at risk of occurrence of hernia. To illness does not cause discomfort need to consider in detail the factors of its appearance, symptoms and prevention and treatment methods. There are 2 types of hernia in pregnancy: umbilical and inguinal. Continue reading “Healthy moms”

A condition for the development of personality

PersonalityIn life, we are constantly faced with situations where you need to change something, or just to do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown often prevents us from acting. Our inner voice begins to convince us that all is not so bad, but who knows whether good if we begin to change their lives. There are internal borders within which we feel safe just because it is familiar to us all and familiar.
It is these internal frames, forcing us to hold on to relationships that have outlived their usefulness, for a job that does not bring us to meet and even the usual way of thinking. These internal frames and from our comfort zone. Comfort Zone area of living space, giving a feeling of comfort and security. As a rule, the comfort zone is determined by the habitual patterns of behavior, accustomed to something, even comfortable. To resist a world where everything is familiar, stable and predictable. Continue reading “A condition for the development of personality”

Physicists desperately want to Higgs boson was a mistake

Higgs bosonWhen Paul was about to Glacier he was to receive his degree in 2012, and has been around only talks about the Higgs boson. By smashing protons together for two years. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN was about had to grab a mysterious particle – which helps to explain how the universe came weight – from the realm of theory. The students, who happened to get in the LHC research group, had the chance to carry out the biggest discovery in modern physics.

Glacier was upset. Two months before he became a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh in the team at CERN, the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS have reported finding the Higgs boson. It was a little sad, – says Glacier. They waited 50 years to find it and could not wait another couple of months until I join them. Continue reading “Physicists desperately want to Higgs boson was a mistake”

Natural disasters in 2015

disasters 2015A new report on disasters, UN says that the natural disasters in the last 10 years occurred almost daily about 2 times higher than 20 years ago. In a report published on Monday, it is reported that over the past 20 years, 90% of disasters were related to floods, storms, heat and other weather phenomena. Another 10% falls in the share of geophysical disasters earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Although the study said that the findings on the relationship of these events to global climate change is to do early, many climate scientists agree that the warming of the atmosphere exacerbates the effects of some natural disasters. What natural disasters have become the deadliest in 2015? Continue reading “Natural disasters in 2015”

Invisible Killer

killerA group of scientists discovered in soil samples taken in the Chukchi tundra terrible discovery – a gigantic virus. Unlike conventional counterparts invisible, it can be considered in the optical microscope. Lay deep in the earth, thirty thousand years. Then the world still living mammoths. Pets-extinct giants.
Do not threaten people to their fate? Scientists have revived the virus and hoisted to the amoeba, and it instantly destroys the entire colony. Where is the guarantee that the permafrost is not fraught with other ancient viruses that can be fatal to humans? Permafrost in Siberia or cold Antarctic lake hide huge number of viruses. One day they may wake up and it will be a monstrous threat to all humanity. Because of global warming, the risk increases many times. Continue reading “Invisible Killer”

The sea air is hazardous to health

 hazardous to healthThere is a very widespread opinion that sea air is very good for health. However, researchers have discovered in Sweden, such that air can be extremely dangerous. This work is carried out employees of Lund University in Sweden. They analyzed the sea air, which, by the way, doctors recommend their patients to breathe. Very often, doctors prescribe this therapy for people who have respiratory problems. The fact is that many people believe in the statement that breathe the fresh sea air is good for health.

Despite this, the results of a new study of Swedish scientists have shown that in fact the pleasant sea breeze may contain a large amount of toxins hazardous to health. These dangerous substances emit container ships, cruise liners, cargo ships and other types of maritime transport. Analysis of the composition of sea air showed that the content of harmful nano particles is at a dangerous level. According to the researchers, these nano particles can freely penetrate into the human lungs, causing subsequently heart disease and other ailments. Continue reading “The sea air is hazardous to health”

Space can travel faster than light?

Space can travel Cosmologists in the shower time travelers. Looking back billions of years, these scientists are able to follow the evolution of our universe in amazing detail. 13.8 billion years ago, there was a Big Bang. After a fraction of a second the universe expanded exponentially – in a short period of time, called inflation.
During the following periods the space has grown to enormous size, we do not even see the edges. But how can this be possible? If the speed of light marks the cosmic speed limit as there may be regions of space-time, the photons which are beyond our reach? And if they exist, how do we know of their existence? This question is answered with Vanessa Janek Universe Today.
The Expanding Universe
Like everything else in physics, the universe tends to exist in the lowest energy state possible. But after 10 -36 seconds after the Big Bang, according to inflationary cosmology, space was in the false vacuum energy – the lowest point, which really was not the lowest. In search of the true nadir vacuum energy, a split second later, the universe inflated by a factor of 1050. Since the universe continues to expand, but at a slower rate. Continue reading “Space can travel faster than light?”

Around the Earth found a cocoon of dark matter

dark Astrophysicists have suggested that dark matter around the planets of the solar system takes the form of long hair. Article about this accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal, and briefing on the study, said in a NASA press release.

Dark matter – a hypothetical form of matter that does not emit electromagnetic radiation and do not directly interact with him, which is why it is impossible to direct observation of it. At the same time, it is about 27 percent of all matter and energy in the universe.

Back in the 1990s, scientists have calculated that dark matter must form a fine-grained flow of particles moving at the same speed in orbit galaxies. When approaching the Earth, as calculated prez Gary of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA accelerate the particles are focused on super dense fiber, or hairs. Continue reading “Around the Earth found a cocoon of dark matter”

Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold

Duplicate GoldResearchers Israeli Technion University for the first time in history managed to grow artificial gold in the laboratory. According to the publication in the Jerusalem Post, this discovery – it is the handiwork of a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Engineering Materials Mary Kristosof Koifman, who worked under the direction of Professor Boaz cover.

Details of the process of obtaining artificial gold scientists published in the journal Nature Communications. Technion – this is one of Israel’s leading universities specializing in technical sciences. It was opened in 1924, and during his tenure the wall places left thousands of professional engineers and scientists. Continue reading “Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold”

An unfading natural fire is lit in New Zealand 100 years

 natural fireIts existence only a few travelers know. And the locals, the inhabitants of the islands of New Zealand, few people had ever heard of him. Yet the phenomenon is very curiousĀ  a natural fire, now nearly a hundred years of burning forest undergrowth in the middle of the deserted bush.

The rivers flowing past the secluded village of Murchison, which is the South Island, the largest in New Zealand, full of trout and anglers from all over the world come here to try their luck fishing. But in the Blackwater River trout today is not usual at all. At first glance, it is quite typical of the South Island riverĀ  clear and fast. However, there is one feature of Black water: Water publishes its barely perceptible smell of kerosene. Continue reading “An unfading natural fire is lit in New Zealand 100 years”