The strangest features of quantum physics

quantumTheoretical quantum physics has a strange fundamental feature: at the quantum level, the atoms will not move until you measure them. It sounds ridiculous, but researchers at Cornell University have proved that this is true.

The team noted that the atoms in a cloud of extremely cold gas of rubidium do not move all the time, they are still under observation. The more, the researchers used a laser to measure the behavior, the less observed the movement. They had to or reduce the laser power or turn it off completely, the atoms begin to move freely. This discovery could have big implications for quantum computing.

For example, it shows that quantum cryptography should work – an attacker will be unable to spy on your communication networks, as itself monitoring data must be to destroy them. And on top of all this, the ability to stop the movement at the atomic level as desired, which may lead to quantum sensors and switches are so sensitive that they would react in the same moment as the atoms begin to decelerate.

Of course, we are still far from being able to witness a quantum computer, but at least it is now clear that the concept behind quantum computing, it makes sense.

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