The ozone hole over Antarctica has increased dramatically

ozone layerRecently, NASA unveiled the image of the ozone hole, made their meteorological October 2, 2015. According to experts, in the day area of ​​the ozone hole over Antarctica reached a record for the 2015 size. The hole was stretched to 28.2 million square kilometers.

It is the fourth largest value for all time satellite observations, ie since 1979. Data on the size of the ozone hole obtained by using the device for the monitoring of ozone, mounted on NASA’s aura as well as equipment weather satellite Suomi NPP, run by experts Natsupravleniya Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Experts explain that the term ozone hole is not to be taken literally.

It’s not one big hole in the Earth’s atmosphere, but rather the area where the ozone concentration falls below the historical threshold of 220 Dobson units. NASA released the image on the area painted in purple and blue colors. NASA noted that in 2015, the concentration of ozone is generally lower than in the last few years. Moreover, October 4 ozone concentration reached an annual low of 101 Dobson units.

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