The lens is a tourist got a strange sea monster

sea monsterThere is no doubt that the ocean keeps its inhabitants, who are far beyond our imagination, and some of them we have not yet encountered. But the Scottish tourist, it seems, met one of them. 52-year-old Harvey Robertson swept shock after he inadvertently captured in the lens of his camera image of bizarre sea monster.

He kept behind the camera, photographing the sea. Mysterious creature Harvey noticed on one of the frames later. I have no idea what it could not, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Says Robertson. I caught this shot accidentally while some sea cave in a small boat on the west coast of Greece, about 20 miles from Albania. I tried to capture the color of the water, and there I saw only later, looking at these photos.

This creature has not yet been able to identify even the experts, but it creatures from Greek mythology.

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