Technologies UFO save earthlings from the end of the world

14 Oct

the end of the worldPeople can be saved, only to move to another planet. He believes that the UFO-like devices are the perfect salvation for mankind. Is necessary for the salvation of mankind colonizing planets located outside our solar system? Because humanity as a civilization can survive only if people will live in two or more planets.

However to date such flights are not possible, since the modern rocket space technology, there are certain limits. For this ideal UFO-like devices. We know that flying saucers had already been made in the United States and the Soviet Union. Soviet scientists have created a special aircraft, similar to the classic alien ships. The most successful projects were then Term plan and ecology and progress.

However, due to lack of funds the production of unique vehicles was discontinued. According to researchers, nearly all the modern draft only copied disc-shaped UFO, but significantly inferior to them in the specifications.

High-speed airliner is about 100 km / h, while the man-made unidentified flying saucers develop speed, according to the observations of they hang in the air to 20 000 km / h. Alien ships can dramatically accelerate and brake, and instantly change its trajectory and move both in the atmosphere and beyond. However Chernobrov noted that there are promising developments UFO-like devices that can be used to overcome long-distance space.

By the way, recently the public excited about the news that Russian scientists have created a unique vehicle in the form of a flying saucer, with which you can fly to Mars in just a month.

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