Scientists have found the cause of death Siberian Ice Maiden

Ice MaidenA mysterious 25-year-old girl with a tattoo of a deer on his left shoulder. All over the world it is known as the Altai Princess.

The mystery of her life and death still dominates the minds of scientists. Why Altai mummy was buried far from the family burial mounds? Who could really be Siberian Ice Maiden? And most importantly – what was the cause of her death? A small plateau, located at the junction of four countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

The Iron Age is grazed cattle warlike nomads. Here a bulk stone mound, they buried their loved ones. In 1993, excavations on Ukok lonely mound led to a sensational discovery. Barrow had already been looted and seemingly no future. But a team led by archaeologist from Novosibirsk Natalia Polosmak chose it. Fate? Under the looted tomb, scientists discovered another – untouched – burial.

Overlapping of 11 logs concealed wooden sarcophagus, household utensils and the remains of the six horses buried with the owner. Like many people death – is not the end. A new, afterlife person will need a lot of life on earth. Harness and today is impressive elegance of carved lines. This beauty came to us thanks to a rare natural conservation. Shortly after the funeral in the funeral frame infiltrated groundwater.

The sharp cold snap made ‚Äč‚Äčthem in the ice. The water is frozen and thawed 2,500 years. Permafrost is like a fridge, finds rescued from the destructive effects of time. It remained the most important question: Who with such honors buried thousands of years ago in a wooden sarcophagus? Ice shroud completely concealed shape buried. When archaeologists carefully melted the ice, we saw the mummified remains. Embalmed girl lying on her side in a pose of a sleeping man. She was wearing a woolen skirt, a shirt from the Chinese silk wig and an elaborate headpiece. Before unknown gods was to appear in their best attire.

The ancient master painted on the body of the girl whimsical drawings: a mixture of real and fantastic animals. Scientists believe that the tattoos do not only for the beauty – they used them as a passport or a business card. On the left hand Altai mummies Archaeologists have counted four tattoos. The biggest – the mythical griffin beak deer and ibex horns. Some of the Asian peoples is a fantastic animal symbolized the link with otherworldly realms. Unfortunately, uniquely decipher the meaning of this tattoo is now almost impossible.

Who was the girl with Ukoka? Why she died at such a young age? And finally looked like the mysterious woman? Since the 50s of the last century laboratory staff create a unique portrait gallery, which literally represents the past. Those long-dead people recreated their skulls. The height of the cheekbones, the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose and ears, even – according to scientists, all this information is stored skull. It need only be read correctly.

Reconstruction of the face – a long and painstaking process. Layer by layer, the scientists applied to the base of Bone sculpture clay. His final thickness and shape are calculated using intracranial compliance. This person anthropologists restored in 1995. That is, according to them, the girl looked out Ukok. Reconstruction leaves no doubt: in front of us – Caucasians. This is confirmed by studies of DNA Altai mummies. Mummy Ukoka studied for more than 20 years.

During this time it was a lot of research. For example, it was possible to fully restore the ritual embalming. Scientists realized that the embalmed body was not immediately buried. From the moment of death to burial took place at least three months. All the while a mysterious woman continued to play a special role in the life of his tribe – it, for example, put in some chairs, which can be seen on the trail on the body. In this complex, time-consuming ritual of embalming – a sign of extraordinary status of the deceased.

Why is it awarded such honors? Barrow Altai Princess is much less majestic nobility burials. But the main thing – it is located away from all the ancestral burial grounds. In ancient cultures, so did the women, the type of activity that suggested a vow of celibacy. According to scientists, it was probably a healer or shaman. I inhale periodically pairs of copper and mercury (it is established through chemical analysis), which was due, most likely, with some rites. Harmful evaporation certainly harm women’s health. But they could be fatal. So from what has died Altai shaman? Scientists have suggested: to blame for the illness.

But what? The study of ancient diseases of people today is engaged special science – pale pathology. In 2010, wrapped in a heat-resistant material mummy was sent to the topographic study. However, to get a quick result failed. Magnetic Resonance Imaging reads the radio. The sources of these signals are hydrogen atoms, which are contained mainly in liquids and soft tissues. Mummified, dehydrated issued remains weak signal and poor quality images were obtained. Improve this image could only special computer program developed after several years of research. These processed topographic images – the key to solving the puzzle of the Altai.

The newest graphics software allowed researchers to look into the past. Their suspicions were confirmed: the embalmed body bears traces of a serious illness. The researchers concluded: Woman with Ukoka killed breast cancer. Cancer disease developed at least three years. The disease has reached the fourth – final – stage. It was the final diagnosis established through 2500 years. The mystery of the death of a girl with Ukoka disclosed.

The debate about its origins and social status are continuing. Perhaps in the future, and that question the science give a definitive answer. So, it’s not the end of history.

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