Choose a tree and learn about them something interesting

What I amImagine for a moment that you walk through the woods and admire the trees. Their beautiful crown, trunk shape, greens … Each of us selects for itself a single tree near where I want to stay longer. Here is a test in which the loveliest tree will reveal to you the secrets of your own well. Select, and then see the results. So what will you choose?

Tree 1

This tree is often chosen by people who are currently dissatisfied with their lives and they want to make a difference. Somewhere there is happiness, but I was not there, so I need to be there! Was the motto they live in the moment?

The main quality of the people who have chosen this tree – the courage, curiosity and interest in the new. They’re just hungry for change. Soak all your heart the new knowledge and impressions. People rarely stay in this stage for a long time. Typically, after selecting a new path they choose another tree.

Tree 2

Patient, persistent and extremely diligent. They never pull the plug at the beginning. Purposefulness. They will go to the heights of the planned step by step. With no way minimized.

In their field they are true professionals. At the same time, in its orderliness may be similar to asphalt. At the words improvisation and Impromptu You can spot them a skeptical expression. These people believe that life is good when it goes according to plan.

These are true followers of stability once routine things. They like to build logic and do not accept surprises and innovations. They do not like any change, especially those that violate their logical constructions.

Tree 3

Personality creative and original. They do not walk the beaten paths, do not pay their attention to patterns. They are creative and inspired, want to do everything on their own, inventing new moves in a particular area.They are usually charismatic and charming. Original clothes. They are easy to deduce from themselves and their mood is changing faster than the rate at the auction market. These bright speakers willing to share ideas with everyone. And unwilling, too…

Tree 4

In winter and summer in one color! Regardless of the weather, these dynamic people always greet the day in the yellow jersey. This tireless generator of ideas and action. Ambitious and pragmatic. They are ambitious, able to convince the leadership of its indispensability. They know what they want and how to achieve it. They tend to think that in the world there are two points of view – and their own wrong. Strong personality, sincere friends and dangerous enemies. Apparently, in their blood circulates from childhood rivalry.


They have a special ability to empathize. Like anyone else, they can empathize. It’s easy to imagine yourself in the other person, get used to the emotions of people and share their joys and troubles. Kind and sympathetic, they are able to feel this world like no other. For happiness it is necessary not only personal well-being. Harmony in these people’s lives comes when happy with their surroundings.

They prefer not to interfere, are able to smooth out misunderstandings. They value even beyond the world of truth. In 99% of cases they decide to make concessions first.

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