Antarctica lost 80 billion tons of snow per year

Antarctica lost 80 billion tons of snow per yearGeophysical Observatory at Columbia University figured out where each year the snow disappears from the glaciers of Antarctica – previously it was thought that it is converted into the water, raising the water level, but it turned out that it is not.

 A new study found that 80 billion tons of snow per year, which is nearly 90% cover of East Antarctica, strong winds turned into steam. It turns out that wind erosion creates entire area, which now cover about 7% of the area of ​​Antarctica.

They arise when the wind does not stop blowing over a specific territory and sometimes even entire centuries. As shown by the satellites, in one of these zones winds destroyed 18 meters of snow, which is approximately equal to accumulation of two years.

Previously, scientists believed that the snow is blown into the water, turning into a liquid, but according to recent observations, it was found that almost all of snowflakes almost immediately converted into steam. Thus, East Anarktidu been classified as one of the driest regions on the planet, as paradoxical as it may sound.

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