Scientists have found the cause of death Siberian Ice Maiden

Ice MaidenA mysterious 25-year-old girl with a tattoo of a deer on his left shoulder. All over the world it is known as the Altai Princess.

The mystery of her life and death still dominates the minds of scientists. Why Altai mummy was buried far from the family burial mounds? Who could really be Siberian Ice Maiden? And most importantly – what was the cause of her death? A small plateau, located at the junction of four countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Continue reading “Scientists have found the cause of death Siberian Ice Maiden”

The lens is a tourist got a strange sea monster

sea monsterThere is no doubt that the ocean keeps its inhabitants, who are far beyond our imagination, and some of them we have not yet encountered. But the Scottish tourist, it seems, met one of them. 52-year-old Harvey Robertson swept shock after he inadvertently captured in the lens of his camera image of bizarre sea monster.

He kept behind the camera, photographing the sea. Mysterious creature Harvey noticed on one of the frames later. I have no idea what it could not, I’ve never seen anything like it. Continue reading “The lens is a tourist got a strange sea monster”

The ozone hole over Antarctica has increased dramatically

ozone layerRecently, NASA unveiled the image of the ozone hole, made their meteorological October 2, 2015. According to experts, in the day area of ​​the ozone hole over Antarctica reached a record for the 2015 size. The hole was stretched to 28.2 million square kilometers.

It is the fourth largest value for all time satellite observations, ie since 1979. Data on the size of the ozone hole obtained by using the device for the monitoring of ozone, mounted on NASA’s aura as well as equipment weather satellite Suomi NPP, run by experts Natsupravleniya Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Experts explain that the term ozone hole is not to be taken literally. Continue reading “The ozone hole over Antarctica has increased dramatically”

Climate scientists have proposed spraying diamonds in the sky

Climate changeClimate scientists have proposed to fight global warming by spraying in an atmosphere of diamond dust. This is a more secure method of man-made climate cooling, rather than spraying sulphate aerosols, the authors of articles in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Brief study says Nature News.

To combat global warming is now widely discussed new ways of Geo-engineering – for example, spraying a mixture of sulfates in the sky with water, so that she reflected and scatter sunlight which simulates the cooling caused by the volcanic eruptions. Continue reading “Climate scientists have proposed spraying diamonds in the sky”

The strangest features of quantum physics

quantumTheoretical quantum physics has a strange fundamental feature: at the quantum level, the atoms will not move until you measure them. It sounds ridiculous, but researchers at Cornell University have proved that this is true.

The team noted that the atoms in a cloud of extremely cold gas of rubidium do not move all the time, they are still under observation. The more, the researchers used a laser to measure the behavior, the less observed the movement. Continue reading “The strangest features of quantum physics”

Science solves the problem of authenticity of the Shroud of Turin

Turin shroundThe new study Shroud of Turin was to resolve disputes about the origin and authenticity of the legendary artifact. However, the results only added new questions. The history of the Shroud and the stages of its investigation. For the first traces of DNA on the mysterious relics of researchers faced in 1998, when tested blood stains, abundantly impregnated fabric. Then scientists reported having iron and protein, but not potassium found in blood, although it contains three times greater than iron.

After 17 years of organized large-scale study of the traces of DNA, and the results published in the journal Scientific Reports. It was found that the DNA samples belong to both people and plants. In particular, the DNA found chicory ordinary, European spruce, hop ordinary, walnut, Mediterranean white clover, rye grass and sycamore, locust North America, as well as growing in the Far East, Asian Pear, Chinese horn beam and other plants. Continue reading “Science solves the problem of authenticity of the Shroud of Turin”

More than 100 passengers were affected after a collision with an unknown object ferry

unknown objectAt least 121 passenger ferry hydrofoil was injured when the ship emergency stop on the way from Macao to Hong Kong in the area of ​​Lantau Island. 14 people are in serious condition.

On Sunday evening, 25 October, a hydrofoil collided with an unidentified object, which is why passengers were abruptly thrown out of their seats. Total on board were 163 passengers and 11 crew members. The collision caused a loss of control by ferry and panic on board. It was total chaos, – told reporters after the passengers of the ship managed to get to shore. Continue reading “More than 100 passengers were affected after a collision with an unknown object ferry”

How big are the stars?

big starsShimmering Stars seem tiny points of light, but in reality, they are huge. Astronomers do not know exactly how big can become a star, but in certain circumstances, it seems, they can be truly enormous. The nearest star – is, of course, the sun. It has a weight of about 2 million trillion trillion kilograms (two and thirty zeros after it). If the Earth were weighed as a paper clip, the Sun would weigh like a motorcycle Ural.

Although the sun is not so easy, and in fact the weight of a little above average. About 1% of the stars weigh eight times larger than the Sun, and the sheer handful of stars in the galaxy weighs as much as one or two hundred suns. Continue reading “How big are the stars?”

Choose a tree and learn about them something interesting

What I amImagine for a moment that you walk through the woods and admire the trees. Their beautiful crown, trunk shape, greens … Each of us selects for itself a single tree near where I want to stay longer. Here is a test in which the loveliest tree will reveal to you the secrets of your own well. Select, and then see the results. So what will you choose?

Tree 1

This tree is often chosen by people who are currently dissatisfied with their lives and they want to make a difference. Somewhere there is happiness, but I was not there, so I need to be there! Was the motto they live in the moment? Continue reading “Choose a tree and learn about them something interesting”

Antarctica lost 80 billion tons of snow per year

Antarctica lost 80 billion tons of snow per yearGeophysical Observatory at Columbia University figured out where each year the snow disappears from the glaciers of Antarctica – previously it was thought that it is converted into the water, raising the water level, but it turned out that it is not.

 A new study found that 80 billion tons of snow per year, which is nearly 90% cover of East Antarctica, strong winds turned into steam. It turns out that wind erosion creates entire area, which now cover about 7% of the area of ​​Antarctica. Continue reading “Antarctica lost 80 billion tons of snow per year”