Yamal has found another potential super funnel

FunnelScientists and geologists of leading research institutes in Russia during the last expedition to the Yamal found on the surface of the hill, similar to the one that preceded the emergence of the giant craters. In the case of the explosion crater at this site will exceed those tht already exist on the peninsula, told reporters one of the participants of the expedition senior scientist geo-electrics Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geo-physic.

As part of our employees returned from the expedition, from a helicopter to inspect the area, and close to this crater was discovered another mound swelling: abnormal size, abnormal shape. The coordinates of the object we are kept secret in order to prevent the pilgrimage of scientists and pseudo, because at any moment it could explode, – he said.For changes that occur with the hill scientists will monitor using images from space and overflight by helicopter. At the same time until the explosion could be years.

Deputy Director of the Academy of Sciences Igor said that all he knew of six similar funnels, five of which were discovered on the Yamal Peninsula, one – on the Taimyr Peninsula. Almost immediately after the events in Yamal there was an event on the Taimyr Peninsula, the funnel a little smaller. There also were sent the expedition. September 12 ended the second in this year’s expedition of Russian scientists in Yamal craters. They were found last summer. It is believed that one of them was formed in 2013, and one year earlier as a result of thawing permafrost. Mostly funnel became less dense, and through them was able to get shale gas.

The diameter of the crater that scientists have studied this time, for the year increased from 40 to 50 meters. Almost all of it by now, and remember water a year will be the usual tundra lakes.

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