Who is killing UFO?

UFOThose interested in the subject of UFO and the fate of the famous UFO may have noticed that these scientists difficult and often tragic fate: many researchers of the UFO problem, work on it in the second half of the twentieth century., Died under mysterious circumstances, perhaps, were killed. Such a conclusion was a pretty bold amateur astronomer, a former US government consultant Timothy Good. He stated this at an international conference in Amsterdam dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Actually, it’s not just about the UFO hunters, but also for researchers, was fond of searching for extraterrestrial life, scientists involved in space research. This idea prompted Hood thirty years study of sources of relevant topics. The well-known American astronomer Morris Jessup, whose books about intelligent life beyond Earth have become bestsellers, committed suicide: summarized in the interior of the car a hose from the exhaust pipe, and sat there, locked the door and turned on the ignition.

Professor James Edward McDonald, for many years head of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Earth and study the unidentified aerospace objects suddenly put a bullet in the forehead during normal walking. As you know, suicidal scratch does not arise spontaneously, and in the case of these experts are no reasons not to notice.

Edward Ruppelt, who led the project on the study of unidentified objects in the skies over the United States at the age of 37 years, died of a cardiovascular crisis, there were no signs that – he was a healthy man. On the night of November 5, 2001 he was killed by Milton William Cooper – known ufologist, has repeatedly accused the US government of concealing the truth about UFOs. He was killed by the police.

Among the well-known UFO as a list of Sheldon. The famous American writer Sidney Sheldon drew attention to a whole series of mysterious deaths among British experts involved in the development of space weapons. So, in 1986, Professor Arshad Sharif committed suicide: one end of the rope tied to a tree, made at the other end of the loop, put it in her head and abruptly pulled the car off. A few days later one of London professor Vimal Dazibay rushed headfirst to Bristol Bridge.

Both are engaged in the development of electronic weapons for the British government program, similar to the American Star Wars. Needless to say, that in these two cases, there is nothing, as they say, no signs …

In 1987, the missing scientist, Avtar Singh Guide. He was later declared dead. In February 1987, he was crushed by his car in the garage of Peter Pippel. In March 1987 suicide David Sands, at high speed crashed a car into a building cafe. In April of 1987 he died just four developers of space programs: Mark Wiesner hanged, killed Stuart Gooding, David Greenhalgh fell from the bridge and drowned Shani Warren in May, died in a car Michael Baker.

In total, over a relatively short time for various reasons, died about 25 people working in the space field. Incidentally, Sidney Sheldon, who discovered this tragic phenomenon seriously believed that it is related to aliens. According to the same Timothy Hood, these deaths are not accidental: it was the work of the security services, who removed the experts as they knew too many secrets. What? That no one knows …

One of the most mysterious cases was the death of two Brazilian ufologists – Manuel Pereira da Cruz and Jose Miguel Viana, in August 1966, their bodies discovered high school students to run in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro kites. Patrol arrived at the scene recorded that lie next to the unidentified plastic bag with some paper towels and an empty bottle from under the water. Their faces covered strange metal respirator without slits for the eyes. Both bodies were lying on a bed of leaves and twigs, cut, apparently with machetes.

In the pockets of the dead were found identity cards and notebooks with incomprehensible diagrams and tables of alphanumeric symbols and two notes with the same text: 4:30 pm. Stay on the designated site. 6:30. Swallow the capsule. Once the action starts, protect the metal face mask and wait for the signal.

Fatalities radio mechanic working in a small workshop and enjoys the paranormal, esoteric practices, the search for extraterrestrial signals and UFO sightings, as well as the creation of radio to communicate with the other world. The investigation revealed that strange half-masks were made artisanal workshop of the victims and were intended to protect, possibly from radiation.

Studied in detail records in a notebook, the police decided that they face traces of a strange experience, which led to the death of the experimenters. Meanwhile, pathologists found no signs of violence or outside influences, except the strange bluish veins on the temples of the dead.

There were no signs of any poisoning or radiation injury. However, some references to capsules in the notes could still point to the possibility of poisoning. The radio workshop dead was found extensive esoteric library, and in one of his books – Science medium – proved to be marked page describes how to get the bright glow of viscous substance allegedly released through the nose, ears, mouth medium and serves to the materialization of ghosts) and protect him with metal shields and masks.

Much later, in conversations with reporters sister and widow of Kruss said that researchers often talked about preparing for some kind of supernatural mission that will make them rich and famous. Yes Cruz for a few days before the trip was very excited all the time discussing with his friend some final test for release in a different reality.

Today the popularity of the original hypothesis that both radio technician were killed by a linear or ball lightning – the evening of 17 August, the place where the bodies were found, held a strong thunderstorm, accompanied by this lightning storm. It is interesting that in those years among the UFO was particularly popular idea that ball lightning is a kind of alien probes.

Maybe this is what wanted to see poor radio? It’s hard to say what role they research plays metal mask, but be with them during the storm was extremely dangerous. But what’s the capsule? One of the mysteries of the case of the lead masks is a handkerchief with the initials AMS, clutched in his hand da Cruz, and divorced on a nifty button jacket Viana. Maybe the dead were comrades who participated in the experiment? The version unknown accomplices experiment confirmed the testimony of local people who saw how the foot Vintemskogo hill, where the tragedy occurred, the jeep pulled up.

Radio Engineering out of the car and began to climb the hill, and the driver of the jeep and killed the engine remained at the bottom. The appearance in this story strangers led police to the criminal version. According to her attackers took advantage of esoteric passion radio technicians and invite them to participate in the parapsychological experiment.

This was told by the legend of the fireballs, recurring on a hilltop, and offered capsules that should be taken to strengthen the extrasensory perception. So yes Cruz and Viana drank poison, and their poisoners stole money that they were with him. Despite the simplicity and rationality of the police version, it rejected many independent experts, including well-known UFO researcher Jean Valle.

They believe that such explanations vygodny3 primarily by the police, which have appropriated money Radiomechanic. Meanwhile, Brazilian journalist was found in the archives of the police information about a very similar case. In 1962, on the nearby hill Cruzeiro was found lifeless video technician from Rio de Janeiro Hermes Juarez.

In his stark hand was clamped metal mask, reminiscent of those that were on the faces of da Cruz and Viana. The cause of his death was also not clear, although someone had seen that before heading up the hill, video technician swallowed some pill. Based on this, the police closed the case as a suicide.

Curiously, Juarez all his free time devoted to the search for funds for the organization of radio-bridge to the other world. Investigation of the case Vintemskoy tragedy was discontinued in 1969, for lack of evidence. At the moment, the mask that had been put on the dead are kept in the museum of the police in Rio de Janeiro.

In the 70-80-ies. Twentieth century. in the US there were secret research program UFOs – Blue Book, Aquarius, Area 51, Majestic 12, GEIPAN and others. Although official data indicate that most of these projects are now curtailed, many conspiracy theorists in This doubt. Every now and then appear in the press sensational material, whose purpose – to convey to the public the information that the US government is hiding the truth about the human contact with aliens.

While skeptics argue that it’s not about aliens, and some military secrets, the latest developments in the space, and even psychotropic weapons. Anyway, the intrigue remains, because nobody knows what better – the aliens with his skeet or any radiators in which the masses can instill anything up to mass suicide. On the subject of contacts with the brothers on reason, it continues to haunt the minds, but that it could be dangerous, but adds pepper …

If we abandon the conspiracy did not confirm the theory that someone or something deliberately removes ufologists, depriving them of life or bringing to mind (and here it is not clear which is worse), then there are quite specific information is constantly taking place in the media of various countries, that there are facts of terror by sectarian fanatics or anti-UFO researchers.

For example, in 1993-1994. Fanatics who believe UFOs messengers of God have taken a series of attacks against the Russian ufotsentra and his staff. It was reported telephone threats, mass distribution of flyers defamatory, insulting inscriptions on the walls of houses and institutions burning apartment door ufologists and their relatives, and even an attempt on their lives.

In 1995 he was subjected to beatings seventy ufologist VP Kostrykin, widely known both in Russia and in other countries. Terrorists are not left alone and self-employed researchers, and even TV reporters, popularizing UFO theme. Telephone threats received a leading TV program Extra-UFO A. Myagchenkov. After striking brass knuckles in the face in broad daylight stopped its program Mysterious Universe LS Makarova.

Threats negative effect upon the activity of enthusiasts studying anomalous phenomena as the cosmonaut PR Popovich, academician VP Treasurers, engineer AS Kuzovkin. So who threatens to ufologists in various countries and deprives them of their life? The answer to this question.

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