The world’s oldest Holy Quran could be written to the Prophet Muhammad

03 Sep

Oldest Holy KoranBritish scientists have suggested that the fragments of the world’s oldest-known historian of the holy Quran, which were discovered in July 2015 in the library of the University of Birmingham, may be recognized as the founder of Islam over the Prophet Muhammad.

Carbon dating carried out by specialists from Oxford University, suggests that the fragments were created in the period from 568 by 645 AD. At the same time the first known Muslim community was established at Medina ┬áin 622 AD. These figures are proof of the fact that, apparently, Muhammad and his early followers used the already existing text, rewriting it under political and theological situation – says Keith Small of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

That is, the Qur’an was not revelation, Prophet Muhammad sent from heaven. Two sheets of Islam’s holy book were found in the library of the University of Birmingham in England, and at first they mistakenly dated VII century. This finding, we recall, was part of a collection of documents from the 3000 Middle East exported from Iraq in the 1920s.

Currently, Muslim scholars dispute the evidence pointing to the fact that the Koran over the Prophet Muhammad. Small understands the skepticism of colleagues, and points out that radiocarbon dating has helped determine the age of a parchment instead of ink. We add that the first known full text of the Qur’an was collected only in 653 by order of Uthman, the third caliph, that is the leader of the Muslim community.

This happened after Muhammad’s death, and before that the fragments of the holy book were transmitted orally. Occasionally people wrote them on the rocks, leaves, parchment, and bones. A fragment from a library of the University of Birmingham has been written on sheepskin or goatskin.

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