The Plagues of Egypt from the standpoint of science

EgyptThe so called exodus of Jews from Egypt described in the Second Book of Moses. It says that one day a group of Jewish nomads – about 70 people in misery on the occasion of a prolonged drought, appealed to the Egyptian Pharaoh to allow their cattle to graze in the delta of the Nile in the meadows of the land of Goshen. Hospitable Pharaoh let them on their land, and out of politeness did not even stipulate the term guests. Say, live as you want.

 Newcomer nomads took advantage of this invitation, so to speak, to the fullest. They remained in the land of Egypt for 430 years. But everything comes to an end. It ended Pharaonic and patience. The next ruler of Egypt, fearing like guests do not hit him in the back in case of attack external enemies, began to harass them.The Jews realized that it was time to leave.

However, Pharaoh and opposed this – he did not smile to people familiar with the orders of the Egyptian state, came out of him, then teamed up with opponents of Pharaoh, and went back again already conquerors. The lawsuit demanded a lot of time and effort, until finally Pharaoh, awed by ten plagues, did not agree to let the Jews and their leader Moses on all four sides. And since, as stated in the same Bible, in this case, the Almighty was important to prove their superiority over all, he quickly changed sides and decided that I … I will be honored through Pharaoh and all his host; and the Egyptians shall know that I am – God.  As a result, we were shown the wonders of irrigation.

 First, the sea parted and miss the people of Israel, and then closed again and covered the chariots and the horsemen of all the host of Pharaoh … and there is not one of them. It would seem that the miracle of miracles, but the current researchers believe that under certain weather conditions, strong winds could drive off the water for a while from the coast. But when the wind subside as the sea returned to the ancestral border. And because I do not surprising fact that historians almost able to calculate the exact date when the outcome has occurred.

 This happened in 538 BCE when Persian King Cyrus allowed the Jews deported in 587 BC in the Babylonian captivity by the Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar, to return to their homeland – Palestine. But if this is so, perhaps, is to find a rational explanation for the puzzle and ten deadly sins … Epidemiologists from the University of Connecticut (USA) convinced that they were able to explain all the 10 plagues, without any mysticism. The Bible book of Exodus event presented accurately and consistently, say scientists.

 It is necessary only to interpret them correctly. Moses and Aaron asked to let go of their people. Pharaoh hear of it does not want. Then Aaron picks up the rod, and strike it on the water of the river. And the water in the river is converted into the blood. And the fish in the river died; and the river stank, and the Egyptians could not drink water from the river; and there was blood in all the land of Egypt.  This was the first penalty.

But Pharaoh did not impress her, and he did not heed the request of the Israelis. God then sends on the Egyptians, the second penalty – the entire river voskishela toads, which were included in the home and in bed, and in the oven, and kneading troughs. Both executions are related to each other, the researchers believe, the second follows from the first. And both can be easily explained by natural causes. The bloody water in the river – a terrific microalgae really dangerous for all living things. They suck oxygen from the water and produce a poison that kills all living things. Pisces had nowhere to escape, they were killed and zasmerdeli.

Amphibians, including frogs and toads, climbed out of the river and spread around the neighborhood in search of another water because without it, too, was death. That climbed anywhere, including in the trough. Seeing all this, the frightened Pharaoh commanded Aaron to remove the frogs. He, they say, let the people of Israel. Aaron stretched his rod, frogs died. Pharaoh did not fulfill the promise. Then the Lord afflicted people and livestock myriad of midges. This is to be expected – the researchers say. – Mote multiplied among the rotting remains of zhabih …  And in the Bible, there is one item on which you can determine exactly what were the gnats.

When Aaron hit with a rod in the solid earth, the dust turned into gnats. There is no doubt – believes Professor M. March – that we are talking about here midge species kulikoidov. This extraordinarily evil little gnats lay eggs in the dust. Their larvae feed on decaying remains of mineral organisms. The same origin were other insects, which in the Bible are called dogs’ flies. That was the fourth penalty, and for her, as Pharaoh resisted all, followed by a fifth – plague killed all the cattle. Dr. March rummaged through all directories in search of a disease that was spread to mosquito species kulikoidov.

And found them even two – African horse sickness and the blue tongue – a serious viral disease that affects the circulatory system in sheep and cattle. From these diseases, and killed the Egyptian livestock. Israel also survived, but not because it is the Lord wanted, but he just grazed elsewhere, and the infection is not passed on to him. Hessen is located 150 km away from the land of Pharaoh, and gnats on their tiny wings just could not overcome such a distance.

As Pharaoh continued to be stubborn, his state was attacked by the sixth penalty is an inflammation with abscesses, struck the remaining cattle, and then exchanged a and people. It was a well-known SAP – researchers believe. – This infectious disease can get and the flies, vectors of microbes, and by dirty water or food. For the first time sap is described by Aristotle in 330 BC He was known in those days, and earlier in the Middle East and Africa.

Seventh penalty is not related to the previous. But it, too, there is nothing supernatural. Grad pobivshy crops, from time to time falls on the earth today. Moreover, the Bible shows an interesting detail – hail broke only the early crops, which managed to kick out the ears. Later the same crops, just hatch out of the land, hail hardly touched. So, the laws of nature and there has not infringed. Next, the eighth penalty – a plague of locusts, and destroyed crops survived the hail.

It also is not anything too unusual – locusts and still hits the southern lands, bringing significant losses to farmers. Ninth penalty – a thick darkness, which lasted for three days in all the land of Egypt. Scientists have suggested that the Egyptian darkness would cause a huge explosion of the volcano somewhere in the vicinity, for example, on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. The explosion actually happened 3,500 years ago, and slept fine ash all the eastern Mediterranean. However, in March it suggests another explanation – a sandstorm. Such darkness is mentioned in the related to the time the ancient papyrus.

It remains, therefore, explain only a tenth plague – the death of all the firstborn son of Pharaoh to the son of a slave – and all the first-born of cattle. Researchers and taken for that task. They remember the sudden death of eight children in Cleveland a few years ago. Children have died because the damp basement of their house wound up black toxic fungus. A similar incident could happen in Egypt. Nagolodavshiesya Difficult day, people made their way to the barns, and fungus, has bred in this time of darkness, they were already waiting for them there.

He struck primarily the weakest – infants, and, of course, not only the firstborn. That’s gossip, legend has allocated such a feature. However, whether so much trouble to attack the state in a relatively short period of time? It turns out, and there are historical confirmation. The ancient Russian word fad points directly to the relationship between natural disasters and epidemics. It winds and carry germs and other pathogens.

For example, in the fifth century BC pestilences raged in Africa, accompanied by earthquakes and floods as well as droughts. All the forces of the world have united against the man then, – he wrote about this Fogdit. Especially hard it was the year 427, when the islands in the Aegean Sea revived volcanoes, caused the tsunamis and sea water zalivshie entire coast. And in Athens on fluctuations of soil collapsed many houses. In general, if you want all the ten plagues and other similar incidents can be explained without the help of the Lord.

 However, this does not mean that he has nothing to do with it. After all these disasters could be, according to the same Bible, and sent down to them.

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