The moon shrinks

MoonOn the Moon’s orbit sixth year running satellite NASA LRO. Thanks to its high-resolution cameras, scientists have access to almost the entire surface in high detail. A study of the images has led to a curious discovery: The moon cools and, as a consequence, is reduced in size. As a result, the internal volume of the compression, the moon’s surface is covered by a network of fine cracks.

But that is not all. If a compressed spherical moon in a vacuum, without the involvement of outside forces, the direction of the cracks would be unstructured and chaotic. However, the real moon formation of cracks subject to external influence, namely tidal compression, which arises from the Earth’s gravity. Cracks on the Moon formed almost in the directions of lines of geographical meridians.

These findings were obtained after comparing three thousand cracks that were found in recent years. Prior to the launch of LRO satellite was known only a few dozen, and no generalizations do not succeed.The results of observations show that the process continues to reduce substantially and now, hence the formation of cracks is also continuing.

These processes should be the cause of micro seismic activity of the moon, but it can be set only if placed on the long-term natural satellite network of seismic sensors.

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