Supermoon 2015

28 Sep

MoonSeptember 27, 2015, humans will be able to observe an interesting astronomical phenomenon: Supermoon, when the satellite of our planet is in a phase of the full moon and at the same time at the point of perigee, that is closest to the Earth. As a result, the Moon will appear significantly larger and brighter. In addition, the same night earthlings waiting lunar eclipse, when the Earth will block a light coming from the sun.

All those wishing to numerous astronomical sites offer to find your nearest observatory or stock telescopes, binoculars, telephoto lenses, for cameras and other equipment that will allow to study the bloody moon in every detail. The Internet broadcast will be carried out, but much more interesting to watch everything live. Especially that such a coincidence of events is very rare. Previous happened in 1982, and the following can be expected only in 2033-m.

At this time, watch the natural show will be in Europe, western Asia, the Americas, Africa and the eastern Pacific Ocean. Supermoon this phenomenon is called as our companion because of the proximity (356,877 kilometers) looks much bigger and brighter than usual. A similar effect can be seen when the moon is near the horizon. Face of the Moon also be complete, which will observe the upcoming passage of the Earth’s shadow on it in all its glory.

Moon during the eclipse will not be dissolved in the night sky, and become dark red. For this reason, the phenomenon is also called blood moon. The fact that a part of the sun’s light will still fall on its surface. It will be refracted edge of Earth’s atmosphere a red light. So if on the surface of the moon was an astronaut, he is during the eclipse would see in the sky a dark disc of the Earth surrounded by blood-red hoop.

The shadow of the moon on our planet will close on Sunday night or Monday morning to the close, depending on the region in which you live. The satellite will enter Earth’s shadow at 04:07 Moscow time, a total eclipse will occur at 05:11 Moscow time. Out of the shadows will happen within 72 minutes after that.

Even in areas of the world where the sun has not sit or get up already, you can watch the bloody moon. Although the picture, of course, it will not be so bright. And, of course, to see the beautiful natural phenomenon can be and with my own eyes, not using any technique.

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