Spoiled geoglyphs in the Nazca

geoglyphsPeruvian Antiquities at the end of last week were shocked! The world community has only calmed down over the shares Greenpeace activists in December last year, when in the desert Nazca geoglyphs about humming birds Greenpeace posted a proclamation Time for change.

And now, after 9 months, the news agency Canal N reported a new incident. It was accidentally discovered inscription over the geoglyphs pelican. One of the tourists, who filmed images, flying over the desert, analyzing and enhancing photos, discovered graffiti.

One of the archaeologists working in the area of ​​preservation of geoglyphs suggested that the inscription did for many years. The authorities are currently investigating the incident and have concluded that the inscription was made man, worked as a guide in the area. Finding Luis Tadeo has not yet failed.

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