Pluto in extended flowers

PlanetsThe unit New Horizons transmitted to Earth another batch of pictures of Pluto. At this time, all the images are made in the so-called enhanced colors – or, more precisely, passed through the blue, red and infrared filters. This is done in order to highlight different items, and that scientists could better distinguish the rocks that form the surface of the celestial body. The first picture you can see part of the surface of the region known as Pluto near the terminator the so-called. The line separating the lit and unlit part of a celestial body.

The researchers compared what he saw in this image with a bark or dragon’s scales. Perhaps this landscape was formed during the combination of internal tectonic processes and the sublimation of the surface ice. The size of the minimum distinguishable parts in the picture is 1.3 kilometers. But the most detailed to date map of Pluto’s surface – more precisely, of the Hemisphere, which was filmed during the passage of 14 July 2015. The Pluto’s surface length of 550 kilometers.

To date, this is the most detailed image of the New Horizons, transmitted to Earth – the picture can distinguish details of up to 250 meters. The picture depicted the mountain of water ice, smooth ice fields and plains Sputnik something like dunes. Who knows, maybe once it was the lake beaches which subsequently froze?

More close-up of one of the sections of the plain Satellite – image width is 120 kilometers. You can see that it is dotted with plenty of points that are likely to represent something like wells or wells – perhaps this is the place where the ice sublimation. In addition to the images, New Horizons are also transmitting data allowed to map the distribution of methane ice on the surface of Pluto.

As it turned out, plain Sputnik very rich in them, while the ancient cratered region of Cthulhu is essentially free of methane ice on the surface except for a few small ridges. The mountains in the west of the plain Sputnik also contain methane. Well, the end – elegant mosaic Pluto in extended flowers, whose resolution is 8000 pixels. This is not enough, can be viewed at the link below the full version, which weighs 69 megabytes.

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