Brain smart people from different brain unwise

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The brain of people who have achieved a lot in life, different from the brain of those who yield to them on an intellectual or communication skills. The researchers analyzed the relationship between different parts of the brain hundreds of healthy people, says journalist Steve Connor. As a result of the correlation between the wealth of these relations and human cognitive abilities, as well as its overall success in life the article says. Scientists have made two lists: positive and negative traits and facts biography.

It turned out that the positive features rich vocabulary, a good memory, life satisfaction, high income, the duration of studies largely relate to the closer contentedness of the brain that are associated with higher cognitive abilities. In contrast, people with strong negative qualities, characteristics and biographical facts.

Drug addiction, irritability, a tendency to break the rules, a bad dream reveals a significant weakening of the brain connectivity, the article says. We tried to see how you can associate what we see inside the brain, behavioral skills, we are able to measure the different people, – said the head of research Stephen Smith University of Oxford. The results are published in Nature Neurosciences. The researchers analyzed 461 person that is to say, live snapshots wiring diagrams , which signals go from one part of the brain to another, – explains the author.

They searched ratio from 280 different qualities and indicators, including vocabulary, level of education and income. Scientists hope that the ability to measure the contentedness of the brain will shed light on the nature of intelligence, as well as teach improve the connectivity and thus to achieve more in life.

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