Brain smart people from different brain unwise

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The brain of people who have achieved a lot in life, different from the brain of those who yield to them on an intellectual or communication skills. The researchers analyzed the relationship between different parts of the brain hundreds of healthy people, says journalist Steve Connor. As a result of the correlation between the wealth of these relations and human cognitive abilities, as well as its overall success in life the article says. Scientists have made two lists: positive and negative traits and facts biography.

It turned out that the positive features rich vocabulary, a good memory, life satisfaction, high income, the duration of studies largely relate to the closer contentedness of the brain that are associated with higher cognitive abilities. In contrast, people with strong negative qualities, characteristics and biographical facts. Continue reading “Brain smart people from different brain unwise”

Mysterious rock Shiprok

Mysterious rock
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Located in the northwest of the State of New Mexico, the mysterious Shiprok is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred approximately 30-40 million years ago. The main part has a height of 600 m, a diameter of 500 m, and is located 2,300 meters above sea level. His name is obliged to place resemblance to the nose of the ship. Mysterious Shiprok known as a inspired by the stone, a name given to him by the Navajo Indians.

Many native tribes in the region believe that the mysterious rock sacred. She also was a significant landmark in the path to American settlers in the Wild West, and subsequently played a variety of roles in different movies about the Wild West. Continue reading “Mysterious rock Shiprok”

Supermoon 2015

MoonSeptember 27, 2015, humans will be able to observe an interesting astronomical phenomenon: Supermoon, when the satellite of our planet is in a phase of the full moon and at the same time at the point of perigee, that is closest to the Earth. As a result, the Moon will appear significantly larger and brighter. In addition, the same night earthlings waiting lunar eclipse, when the Earth will block a light coming from the sun.

All those wishing to numerous astronomical sites offer to find your nearest observatory or stock telescopes, binoculars, telephoto lenses, for cameras and other equipment that will allow to study the bloody moon in every detail. The Internet broadcast will be carried out, but much more interesting to watch everything live. Continue reading “Supermoon 2015”

A unique print time of King David

unique printA boy found in Jerusalem, the ancient seal. Artifact time of King David’s 19-year old Russian found in the national park Emek Tsurim. There is an ongoing project in which volunteers as the archaeologists and ordinary tourists can take part in the excavations.

Founder and director of the project, the archaeologist Gabriel Barkai called this unprecedented discovery. Printing was made in the X century BC, and it is the first such discovery, made in Jerusalem. The discovered printing, sifting the earth removed from the Temple Mount in 1990 during excavation work conducted there. There’s going to build a mosque. The distinguishing feature of this discovery is that it was made directly on the Temple Mount. Continue reading “A unique print time of King David”

Pluto in extended flowers

PlanetsThe unit New Horizons transmitted to Earth another batch of pictures of Pluto. At this time, all the images are made in the so-called enhanced colors – or, more precisely, passed through the blue, red and infrared filters. This is done in order to highlight different items, and that scientists could better distinguish the rocks that form the surface of the celestial body. The first picture you can see part of the surface of the region known as Pluto near the terminator the so-called. The line separating the lit and unlit part of a celestial body.

The researchers compared what he saw in this image with a bark or dragon’s scales. Perhaps this landscape was formed during the combination of internal tectonic processes and the sublimation of the surface ice. Continue reading “Pluto in extended flowers”

Spoiled geoglyphs in the Nazca

geoglyphsPeruvian Antiquities at the end of last week were shocked! The world community has only calmed down over the shares Greenpeace activists in December last year, when in the desert Nazca geoglyphs about humming birds Greenpeace posted a proclamation Time for change.

And now, after 9 months, the news agency Canal N reported a new incident. It was accidentally discovered inscription over the geoglyphs pelican. One of the tourists, who filmed images, flying over the desert, analyzing and enhancing photos, discovered graffiti.

One of the archaeologists working in the area of ​​preservation of geoglyphs suggested that the inscription did for many years. Continue reading “Spoiled geoglyphs in the Nazca”

Yamal has found another potential super funnel

FunnelScientists and geologists of leading research institutes in Russia during the last expedition to the Yamal found on the surface of the hill, similar to the one that preceded the emergence of the giant craters. In the case of the explosion crater at this site will exceed those tht already exist on the peninsula, told reporters one of the participants of the expedition senior scientist geo-electrics Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geo-physic.

As part of our employees returned from the expedition, from a helicopter to inspect the area, and close to this crater was discovered another mound swelling: abnormal size, abnormal shape. The coordinates of the object we are kept secret in order to prevent the pilgrimage of scientists and pseudo, because at any moment it could explode, – he said.For changes that occur with the hill scientists will monitor using images from space and overflight by helicopter. At the same time until the explosion could be years. Continue reading “Yamal has found another potential super funnel”

The Plagues of Egypt from the standpoint of science

EgyptThe so called exodus of Jews from Egypt described in the Second Book of Moses. It says that one day a group of Jewish nomads – about 70 people in misery on the occasion of a prolonged drought, appealed to the Egyptian Pharaoh to allow their cattle to graze in the delta of the Nile in the meadows of the land of Goshen. Hospitable Pharaoh let them on their land, and out of politeness did not even stipulate the term guests. Say, live as you want.

 Newcomer nomads took advantage of this invitation, so to speak, to the fullest. They remained in the land of Egypt for 430 years. But everything comes to an end. It ended Pharaonic and patience. The next ruler of Egypt, fearing like guests do not hit him in the back in case of attack external enemies, began to harass them.The Jews realized that it was time to leave.

However, Pharaoh and opposed this – he did not smile to people familiar with the orders of the Egyptian state, came out of him, then teamed up with opponents of Pharaoh, and went back again already conquerors. Continue reading “The Plagues of Egypt from the standpoint of science”

The moon shrinks

MoonOn the Moon’s orbit sixth year running satellite NASA LRO. Thanks to its high-resolution cameras, scientists have access to almost the entire surface in high detail. A study of the images has led to a curious discovery: The moon cools and, as a consequence, is reduced in size. As a result, the internal volume of the compression, the moon’s surface is covered by a network of fine cracks.

But that is not all. If a compressed spherical moon in a vacuum, without the involvement of outside forces, the direction of the cracks would be unstructured and chaotic. However, the real moon formation of cracks subject to external influence, namely tidal compression, which arises from the Earth’s gravity. Cracks on the Moon formed almost in the directions of lines of geographical meridians. Continue reading “The moon shrinks”

Earth different from other planets in our galaxy

Earth different Land is an exception among the habitable planets in our galaxy: their chemical composition is totally different from the Earth. This is the conclusion the authors of an article in preprint arXiv. Brief research reports New Scientist. The Portuguese University of Porto and his colleagues studied the stars, the mass and the radius of which is different from the sun, and in the habitable zone of a planet there, where the water is present in liquid form. It was found that iron and other metals in the composition of these stars is less than that of the stars around which address only the uninhabited planet.

Since the planet’s chemical composition close to its star, the celestial bodies in the area of ​​life is usually less metal than in the bowels of the Earth and the Sun, scientists have decided. As a rule, around the iron-rich stars are rotating massive rocky body, wrapped in a giant gasbag. Continue reading “Earth different from other planets in our galaxy”