The Third Reich found the train was filled with gold

 goldPolish media reported on the incredible discovery of two men found the armored train of the Third Reich, filled with gold. It is believed that the composition of the disappeared in 1945 near the city of Wroclaw. As the BBC reports referring to the Polish journalists, in addition to gold in the train were the jewels and weapons. On the finding of two friends, a Pole and a German, said the law firm, and it has shared information with the press.

Discovered the treasures of the men said they wanted to take away 10% of the value of the found – share, put them under the law. Polish media noted that the legend of the treasure train in the area go for a long time. He allegedly disappeared near the castle of Książ. A statement about the discovery made law firm, located in Walbrzych – three kilometers from the castle. The city authorities were skeptical about the big news. Nevertheless, to the place of discovery of the missing train to the military, the police, lawyers and firefighters. “In this area never were excavated, so we do not know what you can find there,” – said the official representative of the city administration Marika Tokarska.

Some Polish news sites, there were reports that the train is 150 meters long and it can be up to 300 tons of gold. Historian Joan Lamparski Wroclaw told the radio that the train, presumably lost in a tunnel. And apart from the treasure he was carrying some “hazardous materials”. But no matter how it looked in the past, the search did not produce results. It is believed that shortly before the arrival of the Red Army the Nazis tried to take out the treasure on the train. They sent part in one of the many tunnels in Lower Silesia, from where the train left.

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